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February 23rd, 2011 by Stinkhead

Earlier we posted our pics from the gallery. Click below for more details about what we saw, and of course the pics.

My son and I have been going nuts over the Hexbug Nanos. We put together a few of the Elevation sets (with the parking garage esque spiral ramps) to make a massive “Bug House” as my three year old calls it. He loves watching the video podcasts we made, as well as other kids’ videos on line. Ok, so you know I was excited to check out their display, but what did we see?

First up, the new Hexbug Spider is coming out in the Spring with an MSRP of $30. Unlike the autonomous Nanos, this one responds to a remote control. He’s omnidirectional, so you can move him in any direction at any time. Pretty cool.

We got to see a little bit of the Larvae. He looks kind of slimy but his shell is not. He crawls around like a caterpillar. We weren’t allowed to take pics at the time, we’ll have more info soon.

Last year they had the Hexbug Binders where you can hold the testtubes that the bugs come in, but this year offers a slimmer solution. This carrying case holds 18 Hexbug Nanos, a stack of battery packs, and is smaller than a lunch box. Cool!

We love building our mighty bug habitat, but we wish we had more spiral ramps. Our wishes have been answered, and very soon you’ll be able to pick up just the pieces you need to make your habitat a little bigger. WARNING: this could get addictive.

But the pieces we really want to add to our habitat are the glow in the dark Nanos and habitat pieces. Looking really sharp in black with G-i-t-D accents, we’re going to love adding these into our existing habitat. They should be available at mom & pop stores now, and major retailers like Toys R Us later this year.

We saw a bunch of cool things we can’t talk about, but really wish we could. Stay tuned, we’ll have some news and reviews for you in a few months, and they’re worth waiting for. Check out the rest of our pics for some cool things we saw, like the special Easter edition Nano. And look below the picture gallery to see our earlier Hexbug video podcasts.

Visit to register your Nanos, and check out to see more, and even order the ones you want.

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