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March 10th, 2011 by Stinkhead

The line up

I just opened and played with a bunch of figures from the Batman Total Armor line. Based on the Cartoon Network show, Batman the Brave & the Bold these snap & attack figures feature armor and accessories that can be attached in multiple places on all of the figures, so your 4+ year old child can customize their own battles and constantly change them up. Click below to see all my pics and review.

There are two things I like the most about this line. The figures are very durable, stylistically eye pleasing, and articulated. Secondly, with their hexagonal sockets (back, shoulder, elbow, side-of-knee), you can swap pieces from different figures to change them up anyway you please, over and over.

In this assortment we got to look at Stealth Wing Batman, Stealth Claw Attack Batman (with a zipline), Attack Blade Batman, Plastic Man, and the Batman-Superman-Metallo battle playset. We also look at the Total Armor Batmobile built for this theme.

Stealth Wing Batman

These action figures are designed for ages 4+ and the functionality matches. The figures are short and stocky, making them appropriate for little hands, but they got more function and ability than the DC Superheroes line (designed for ages 3 & up, from a few years ago).

Plastic Man

Also, a 2-3 year old wouldn’t be able to change the accessory parts as easily between the figures. In fact, there were a few times where I had issue connecting or detaching the armor, so you may still need to help out your four and five year olds. But for the size, durability, and functionality, these are a good fit with the 4-5 year old set. I think the kids will also like that though they’re designed just for this age set, they don’t look like kiddie toys. They’re not cutesy. They’re cool lookin’.

Batman with optional armor

I think these are good for young kids, but I do have one or two issues. First, the armor is a little too difficult to get on and off that a four year old will be doing it on their own consistently. You may need to help out a bit.

Metallo and Superman

Secondly, and this is specific to the Metallo box set, Metallo cannot stand on his own while holding Superman in his hand. His fingers have been hinged and his arm joint has a spring specifically for shaking Superman about, but the figure’s legs are hollow (and unarticulated) so he can’t stand on his own. See that picture above? I photoshopped out my finger holding his foot still. It’s really fun while it’s still in the box. The child is encouraged to shake the box to see Metallo shake Superman about, and it really is funny… but I think the thrill will die a bit when you get it out of the box. Metallo does feature battle damage, which is pretty cool. Tap the globe in his chest and it rolls over once to reveal some cracks. Go four clicks and then it resets back to stage on. I like it.

Stealth Attack Claw Batman (on fake zipline)

Oh, there is a Zipline batman, but for safety reasons, the zipline he comes with is way too short to be of any good. However, if you set up a line of string between two points, the harness on his back will zip him along the line… so be a good Dad and set that up already. Jeez, I mean, it’s string, don’t you have some lying about somewhere? This isn’t rocket science. Oh, that picture is photoshopped too. I couldn’t find any string lying about when I was shooting these pics.

Batmobile Armor Up

The Batmobile is nice. This is the first Mattel Batmobile I’ve played with in years that didn’t have light and sounds. But it keeps the cost down. There are several sockets for adding armor and accessories, and one figure does fit snugly inside the cockpit. It’s kind of weird to have a double-bubble hood design but only seat one figure. But there is some nice detailing on the dashboard, and plenty of places to put the accessories. You can use the armor that came with the Batmobile, or even use any of the pieces from the other figures. I like how the stripped down Batmobile looks cool on its own or with the armor.


These figures are about $8 a pop, and the Batmobile is around $20. You should be able to find them everywhere. Check out my pics below.

Psst! I just reviewed the more collector friendly Green Lantern DC Universe figures on our collector blog, Check it out! (These figures are not for little kids)

We talked about these Batman toys on Magic 106.5 FM this morning with Jack Logar, click below to hear the clip. The photos are below that.

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