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June 6th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Kung Fu Panda opens today nationwide, and the toys are alreay on shelves at local Toys R Us’s and Targets near you. Check out my video (above) rundown of the electronic Kicking Po, and the action features demonstrated on the 5″ action figures. Click to read my full review. Our gallery has two pages of pics.

Electronic Kicking Po
The highlight of the line is the animatronic Po. Standing about 10″ high, he moves and kicks and spouts lines and sound effects from the movie. The best part is that it really is Jack Black‘s voice. I hate when a toy uses a generic voice to re-deliver the lines from the movie. But more power to the voice over actors! This Po has one foot that remains firmly planted while the other can kick and swoosh. The nunchucku is a nice touch. It swings around wildly, but isn’t really dangerous at all. The toy works best when placed on a hard surface, like wood floor or tile. In the video you’ll see my nine month old son playing with it, but the toy is truly intended for ages 5 & up.

Action Figures
These 5″ action figures major plus side is unfortunately also it’s major down side. Each of these figures feature a nice action feature, rendering them, pretty inarticulate. The up side is that the action features are pretty sweet, as far as action features go. My favorite is the Twirling Staff Master Monkey, spin the thumbwheel on the back, and his legs twist and turn all over the place, wildly spinning his staff. The positioning on Tigress is my favorite pose. Another play feature is that each figure comes with removable armor. I like how the sculpt and pose really capture that smooth animated look from the movie. It looks like any one of these will leap into action as soon as your head is turned. I can see kids playing with these, but they don’t work so well fighting each other…
<Mini Figs
Speaking of fighting each other, there is a series of collectable mini-figs. Each set comes with two characters (and 10 Panda Points, redeemable online). The sculpts are tight, and full of detail. Check out the hat and feathers on Crane. These each feature some limited articulation, but they all come with a base, allowing for them to stand, even in some one legged poses. There is a battle arena playset you can pick up, that allows these toys to battle each other.
So the movie comes out today, and the reviewers (85% on Rotten Tomatoes) have reported that they’re actually pleasantly surprised. Check out for the trailer and online games (And Panda Point redemption) Our photo gallery has two pages of pics.

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