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August 4th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I had to go to Target tonight, with the little one in tow. We saw quite a few interesting things. First up, Yo Gabba Gabba toys have hit retail

The small soft-ball sized toys (Silly heads) make a sound when they hit something. The 7-8″ plush (Gab N Sing) sing when you squeeze their hand. The “BIG” style dancing piano looks like fun. Everyone was excited about the Yo Gabba Gabba toys I spied at Toy Fair, so I thought I’d post a follow up. Check out more pics of the cool stuff we saw.

Then we saw this gender defying sign. On the back are all the boy swim suits with a girl header. Either way, thanks a lot target! Father and son were scarred tonight.

My son loved the 3-way mirror
He will be a year old next week, he took turns waving at each reflection.

And how sweet a t-shirt would this make? If I could mainline pure Target, I surely would

And this wasn’t at Target, but this plush grill (complete with spatula and meat) is pretty sweet.

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