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May 29th, 2012 by Stinkhead

Batman on the unarmored Batpod
I’m reviewing vehicles from Mattel’s Dark Knight Rises action figure line. Both of these playsets have action features. I have not seen Dark Knight Rises (but I’m in it!) to know specifically if these toys/features are spoilery at all, or merely liberties on behalf of the Mattel design staff, so you have been warned. Proceed with caution.

Bat-Pod with Attack Armor

The Attack Armor Bat-Pod starts with a Bat-Pod body you’re used to from The Dark Knight. There is a limited-articulation Batman figure included specifically for this vehicle. At first I didn’t think he’d look forward (up) enough when I put him on the bike, but as you can see in the very top photo, it works out well. I’m used to playing with the Movie Masters Bat-Pod, so this one seems a bit more lightweight (the tires are hollow plastic, I think rubber would have made an incredible difference). But then you clip on this spring loaded armor. This is what it looks like when you clip it on and fold it back (above), then you press the button and it snaps into…
It’s actually pretty cool to watch it spring closed around the Bat-pod and I like the spring-loaded missile launcher on top. A six or seven year old will most definitely love playing with this “motorcycle” both with and without the armor. I have no idea if the Batpod in Dark Knight Rises will feature armor like this or not. I’m leaning towards not. I don’t think this is a spoiler because it’s under the Quicktek banner, which seems to be a toy action feature adjective. I know the Batpod is in it, but that’s all I know about that. I’m pretty sure there won’t be a huge missile launcher on top, that really seems like signature Mattel addition, but you never know.


Here are the pros and cons… Pros the figure’s head position is great, so if you want to display a batman figure on a Bat-pod (with or without the armor) you got something good. It’s durable and a lot of fun for kids. The cons: It’s less detailed than the Movie Master Bat-pod (which is ok) BUT, it’s more expensive. The Target Exclusive Bat-Pod from 2008 (which did not come with a figure, btw) was $20. This one, with an included figure and action features is selling for $30 at Toys R Us. In my opinion, this is a great toy for $20-25. The detail and size are traded out for playability and pieces at a fair level, I think $30 is a bit much. I either want a more articulated Batman that my kid can play with away from the bike (his hips and knees don’t move) or some sounds. Actually I just want what it comes with to be $20. You’re only going to play with this Batman figure with this playset. Woo Hoo! I just found it listed for $20 on Amazon, click here Batpod Vehicle on Amazon for $20

The Bat
I’m not sure if this is the only offering of The Bat we’ll get from Mattel, but it’s pretty cool. Scaled to the size of the 4″ Quicktek armor figures (I successfully put one of those in the cockpit) it features firing missiles (with sound effects), spinning rotars, a handle for cool flying play, and a launching Batman. That’s right, pull down the trigger on the underside, load in the foam flier batman and then launch him across the room. This may very well be a spoiler about something that happens in the film.

The Bat
The spring loaded trigger will be very easy for kids to play with. At first, I expected the pull-trigger to lock into place, but in actuality, you lock the launching mechanism and then the trigger returns to it’s original position. Slide in the glider Batman, and a panel closes ontop of him. Press the button on the handle and the panel opens and Batman comes flying out. It’s pretty cool. The firing missiles and sound effects are alright, and I like how easy it is for a kid (big or small) to “fly” the Bat around with the handle.

Pros: it’s a cool toy. Again, I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I don’t know how accurately this toy (and it’s Batman launching feature) are representing the movie. I like how easy it is for a kid to fly around and the play features are cool. It comes with a non-articulated lightweight foam Batman for launching, I like that the cockpit opens anyway to fit a 4″ figure that you may already have (NOT included). They didn’t have to include that, so it’s really cool that they did.

Cons: though it’s cool, it’s not quite $40 cool (Toys R Us price). It’s just not enough for $40. If you find it for $30 (I’m still looking) I say go for it, it’s a lot of fun, but $40 seems a bit high for me. At $40 it should have a few more moving pieces (just panels or something would be cool) or more sounds (especially when flying it, not just shooting the projectile), or come with the articulated Batman to fit in the cockpit. It makes me long for this (1989 Batwing on eBay)


Comparison between the Movie Masters Bat-pod and the current Attack Armor Bat-pod

These toys are fun for kids to play with, but I think collectors will want a bit more bang for their buck. I absolutely recommend the Batpod for $20 from Amazon, and if you find the Bat for $30 someplace, it’s also a lot of fun. Check out our review of the collector intended Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters, and the kid friendly Quicktek Armor figures. More photos below, and be sure to check out Dark Knight Rises in theaters and IMAX on July 28.

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