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February 19th, 2009 by Stinkhead

There is a video podcast of Toy Fair 09 Coming soon, in the meantime, enjoy this company-by-company write up

A few years ago I reviewed the collectible P-Brains with the interchangable brains (and personalities). Yes, they’re famous for their Ant Farms, but they’ve come a long way since then. This year had one of the hottest toys at Toy Fair, the Star Wars Science Force Trainer. Using EKG technology, you actually use your brain waves to move a small sphere up and down. We have video of this in action, so stay tuned for our upcoming podcast. Our man Lando from tests it out and seems to have great command of the Force.
The Star Wars Science kits tie together traditional science lessons and your favorite scenes and characters from the Star Wars universe. The Force Trainer is styled after the training remote that Luke honed his skills with in A New Hope. The Command binoculars work like actual binoculars, but they also have a small pop out projector that puts Yoda up on the wall. I think there are a few other projections available.

One of my favorites is Darth Vader’s arm. Styled after his robotic prothesis from Attack of the Clones, you can operate the levers to make the arm grasp objects and flex its fingers. This one is pretty cool.  I also liked the novelty of the two fish tanks. The one styled after Yoda’s house on Dagobah is a habitat for a tadpole, and the one based on the Gungan city is for raising those “prehistoric” fish that you’ve seen.

Stay tuned for our video coverage of Uncle Milton, and check out the Uncle Milton Photo Gallery.  You can cruise by for more info on these products and their old favorites, like the Ant Farm.

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