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April 8th, 2010 by Stinkhead

rhinoAs you know, I went on African Safari last fall and took tons of pictures of the wildlife. Then I went to Toy Fair and fell in love with the African safari animals being made by German toy company Schleich. If you’re unfamiliar, Schleich makes thousand of ultra realistic animals and fantasy creatures. They’re made of a hard rubber so they’re practically indestructable. They’re hand painted so they look great, and because they’re so rugged, they fulfill the Schleich mission of turning anyplace into a playground. The kids can play with these animals indoors or out, and they’ll last for years.
Click for tons more pics, and listen to me talk about these animals on Magic 106.5 FM with Jack Logar.

I have seen the animals everywhere from Target, Toys R Us, and AC Moore, but I had never seen the Safari Truck before. It’s as rugged and well made as the animals, but it features moving wheels, fold down walls, opening doors, a driver sitting behind the wheel (my son keeps trying to position him on the left side, like American drivers) and an opening compartment. There’s a spare tire that fits snuggly behind the cab, but can replace any tire on the axel. We have a lot of fun playing with these animals and the truck, and pretending the living room is the African grassland. Check out my pics of the all new Zebra print airplane, coming out this year. There’s also a Safari building, tons of fence and landscape.


The only real con to these wonderful looking animals is that they don’t have moving parts. These toys are great for younger children (some of the smaller animals are choking hazards, so use sound judgement.) But even though they don’t move, they come in all variety of poses. I like the giraffe that’s hunched over drinking, and the other giraffe stretching its blue tongue to eat some leaves. The vehicles may be best for slightly older children.
Listen to me discuss these animals with Jack Logar from Magic106.5

Check out all of our pics below.

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