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April 10th, 2008 by Stinkhead

This morning on Magic 106.5 we opened the line to callers who could offer me advice on their surefire ways to soothe a crying baby. Everyone has a remedy that they swear by. Listen to the recorded bit, and then leave a comment offering your own advice

One caller gave us two good tips. For the little ones, that you can’t figure out why they’re crying, check their fingers and toes for long hairs that may be wrapped around, like a tourniquette… something you may not think to look for…

–and for the teething baby, this caller swears by Teething Tablets, homeopathic tablets that dissolve in the baby’s mouth, and offer relief to their gums, without medication. That link goes to Walgreens.

Now I want to hear your methods for soothing a crying baby, be it new born, or toddler, what are the ways that work for you? Please leave comments

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