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September 27th, 2010 by Stinkhead

Click below for more pics, and to listen to my review on Magic 106.5 FM on the Magic Morning Show with Jack Logar.

We just got to check out Stinky the Garbage Truck, brought to you by Matchbox.
Stinky is part of the Big Rig Buddies line from Matchbox of oversized trucks that your kids can play with.

Stinky is animated, he goes from oversized garbage truck and transforms quickly into an overly animated character, like a garbage collector.
His mouth moves and he eats trash, or more specifically other matchbox or hot wheels sized cars, but anything that’s about that size should fit inside.
His main activator is the lever on the side. Push down on the red button to get him to talk, and pull the lever forward or back to get him going, talking and moving and converting from truck to robot. You can place garbage in the port in the top, or plop it in his mouth when its open. The rear door is on an easy hinge, so as soon as he sits up, the cars will plop out the back, usually with a tooty sound effect.

For the most part, Stinky is either eating cars or farting them out. This is aimed for boys ages 3 & up.
We had a lot of fun with stinky, I like his gruff but loveable attitude, and he does sing songs, and you can tickle him as well. Two complaints though, first off, he’s $60, which I think is a bit high for what he does. If maybe he was able to roll around a bit on his own or had just a handful more cause and effect actions, I think that would nail it. I say, if you ever see him go for $50, snatch him up. You can roll him around yourself, and he’ll make engine noises, but most of the toys we have that are this size, are somewhat self propelled.

One of the draw backs is you can really just push and pull on his lever to try and get him to do stuff, whereas the Imaginext Big Foot had a whole host of controls for cause and effect, Stinky is really the one deciding which actions to do. If I want to show you how he sits up and and opens his mouth, I have to keep hitting the lever and hope he cycles to it shortly.

stinky07I’m also over 30… my 3 year old son could feed him matchbox cars and watch them drop out the back all day. He also liked pushing the truck around and hearing the different noises. It didn’t ever frustrate him or make him bored.
Look out for Stinky and the other Big Rig Buddies. Stinky comes in open packaging, so you can do the Try Me features for a bit.
Click to listen to my bit on the Magic Morning Show.[nggallery id=17]

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