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January 13th, 2011 by Stinkhead

If you watched my video about the Hot Wheels Monster Jam playsets, you’ll know that I was a little disappointed with the wrecker cars (or victim cars) that are included with the sets. Yeah they look crushed and beat up, but why can’t we get some soft rubber or cheapo plastic cars that would physically crush under the Monster Jam trucks? Perhaps its cost or safety, either way I took matters into my own hands, and produced this PDF of wrecker cars you can quickly print out and assemble (as many times as you want) for your Monster Trucks to run over. Check it out below!

First thing is to download this PDF, and print it out on cardstock. Yes, it will work out on plain paper, however you’ll need to replace them a lot quicker. The cardstock actually stands up to a decent crushing and can be popped back into shape. The plain paper ones get trashed pretty quick.

Download PDF (900K)

You’ll see on the page you get eight cars. The white car is perfect for your little one (or you) to color.
The assembly is easier than it sounds.

1. Cut out the the car on the outermost border


2. Fold down the front and back. It alternates, fold the front and rear windshields away from the roof, fold the hood and trunk towards the windshields, fold the grill and the back of the trunk away from the tops. (See, it sounds more difficult than it really is)


3. Fold down the two sides, away from the roof, and now you have a little car. The best way to keep it together is to get a strip of skinny tape (or cut a piece of fat tape in half to make skinny tape) and tape the front to the sides, and the rear to the sides. That’ll do it.

Now you can line up the cars and have the monster trucks go to town. Ironically, my son loves these little paper cars and refuses to actually squash them flat with the monster trucks, he jumps the monster trucks over the cars, or roll gently across the top.

These also look great for displaying your monster trucks as well. You can draw on dents and broken windows if you desire. And if you feel extra crafty, it’s pretty easy to make it look like the hood or trunk is propped open.

If you do this and make a cool set up with your (or your kids’) monster trucks, send me a picture, I’ll put em in the gallery.

We have lots of Hot Wheels Monster Jam monster truck coverage here. Check out my written review with lots of pics of the playsets we have, our video review of the playsets, and our original Monster Truck video podcast. Stay tuned for more!

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