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February 29th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Starting this week, I’m going to present a segment on West Virginia’s Magic 106.5 morning show with host Jack Logar. Jack and I go way back… and we’ just recently reconnected. Once a week I’ll chime in with tips and toys for kids. Here is my inaugural broadcast. Be kind, it was 6:45 AM…
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February 26th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Here it is, this video tour of Toy Fair gives you the rundown on my faves from Mattel (Elmo Live) ¬†and Hasbro (Kota the Dinosaur). Check out the Playmobil display. See the D-Rex in action. You’ll also get to witness my run-in with Titan from American Gladiators as well as a bunch of cool stuff for your little one Check it out:

That’s the video, check out my company-by-company coverage here, or peruse my Toy Fair photo gallery.

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February 26th, 2008 by Stinkhead

One of my favorite toys that my son enjoys is his Tiny Love Peak-a-Boo chicken. It’s a soft chicken with an egg-shaped body. It opens in half and reveals a baby chick inside. The wings and tail are crinkly, and there are plenty of things to pull and suck on. So I had to stop by the Tiny Love booth at Toy Fair last week. What other goodies do they have in store? Check out these great toys for the car, stroller, tummy time mats, mobiles and more.
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February 26th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I’ve been to Hasbro’s showroom many times in the past, mainly to check out their collectable figures, such as Transformers, Star Wars, and GI Joe. But this year I had the added treat of touring their toys for young children, and I find myself instilled with a similar awe and excitement. My son is only six months old, but I can’t wait until he’s able to play with some of this stuff. Here are my favorites:
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February 25th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with the EduShape brand, however their “texture ball” is one of my six month old son’s favorite toys. (To my credit, my wife bought that set)
Anyway, EduShape makes some pretty cool building block sets and bath toys for the preschool and under set. Let me take you through some of my favorites from the show
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February 25th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I had the opportunity this past weekend to participate in the Super Flush at the new MLB Ballpark for the Washington Nationals. We had to flush every single toliet, in a sequence, to make sure that the plumming would hold up at a game. I got to mix History, Sports, and Potty humor in one outing. If only all Dad Lessons were this cool. There’s a photo gallery after the video.

Check out the pics
And we’re not done with Toy Fair coverage! Just taking a little detour… I have lots more, plus a sweet video podcast (with the new Tickle Me Elmo) up tomorrow.

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February 22nd, 2008 by Stinkhead

All of our Harry Potter coverage from Toy Fair is in’s gallery. But let me break down what you can find:

Gentle Giant
GG is well known for thier break through laser scanning technology. They produce busts and collectibles that really aren’t for little kids, but if you have a Harry Potter fan in your house (or you are one) this is pretty much the most amazing HP stuff you will find at Toy Fair. The faces were laser scanned from each of the actors, and then GG’s artists worked on the sculpts.
Gentle Giant Harry Potter Photos (link goes to first image in the series, click and then hit the NEXT button)

NECA has been making Harry Potter figures for years, and they too are amazingly detailed and not really intended to be played with, more for display. There was a box set at Borders Books this holiday season. Look for talking 12″ figures, and more figures from Order of the Phoenix. They will be unveiling figures from Half Blood Prince as we get closer to that movie’s release. NECA also makes fun accessories such as a plush Sorting Hat, and that demon book Hermoine has.
NECA at Toy Fair (same as last time, click then hit next)

Tonner is famous for making high-end collector dolls… again, not for wee little kids, but stuff to be admired from afar. Tonner has had the Harry Potter license for a few years and is still going strong. The dudes all look a bit effeminate (you should see Spider-Man’s Peter Parker). If you like dolls and Harry Potter, these are hard to resist.
Tonner at Toy Fair this actually just goes to the gallery, as that’s all we photographed at their booth.

Corgi/Cards Inc
I bet all this time you’re thinking, weren’t there any Harry Potter action figures the kids could play with? Well… the good news is yes there were these action figures. The bad news is that they’re only available in England. So you’ll have to go the eBay route. There was an amazing playset though, and loads of figures and accessories. There was even a game you played with light up wands… cool!
Corgi at Toy Fair

We’ll have video of all this Harry Potter stuff in our Toy Fair podcasts, coming shortly.

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February 21st, 2008 by Stinkhead

I am working on uploading my pics from Toy Fair… then I’ll add company-by-company break downs. So you can check out the photos in the photo gallery if you wish, but we’re far from being done. Don’t forget the big video podcast coming at the end.

Anyway, I’ve posted all of the pics from the Playmobil booth in my MPb Toy Fair coverage… which is more collectables and action figures for the older crowd. So I’m actually hosting those pics in there, not both places.

So here is a straight link to the Playmobil photo gallery. I’ll be adding captions with release dates shortly. But that sweet Circus set (with awesome light-up marquee) will be coming in September.

These race cars are in stores now, you can customize these to your liking by swapping the various pieces (like roll bars, bumpers, grill) to make your own color combination. Stroke of playmo-genius? The wedge shaped packaging that doubles as a ramp. Great idea. They’ve found a lot of success with the Stow-and-go playsets, and are continuing to explore what they can do with packaging.

The Playmobil First Smile stuff is still hard to find, however the Playmobil 1-2-3 line is growing larger. My favorite one is this floating lilly. It’s also a rattle, but it’ll float upright in the bathtub. Look for this one in stores now.

You should start seeing the second round of Dinosaurs popping up in stores this month. (My local shop was waiting till Toy Fair to order them). The triceratops and exploding volcano are the centerpiece, but the brachiasaurus and velociraptors look great. The triceratops’, brachio’s, and new T-Rex’s jaws open and close. Nice! You can check out the original Dinosaur sets here.

The big new set though was the Circus. A classic from the mid 80’s reimagined. This set now features working electronics. The big tent comes with a working LED marquee, and there’s a clown band (with a monkey on trumpet) that plays 3 songs and applause. The dancing horse set has been upgraded with a rotating platform. I love the trained tigers, complete with a flaming ring for them to jump through. It comes with a long bit of fence that reaches from out back straight to the center ring. The balancing act really balances, and there are even trained elephants.
Be sure to check out all of my playmobil coverage playmobil coverage on MPb, including a custom ice cream truck you can make.

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February 21st, 2008 by Stinkhead

I just got back from Toy Fair, lots of stuff to show you. The company Basic Fun, most well known for their keychains of miniature board game classics. However these Yo Gabba Gabba! toys caught my eye. The plush clips will go great on my diaper bag, and the keychains will be perfect as well. Unfortunately the super-cool opening boombox/ display case was only for Toy Fair, and will not be for sale. Also check out the Magic Washcloths… they come very compact in size (about the size of a pack of floss) and expand in water to about the size of an oven mitt. Cool!
Click here to see the gallery of Yo Gabba Gabba toy pics! I believe these are coming out in Fall… so they’ll make perfect stocking stuffers. (Or Channukah presents)
Visit the Basic Fun web site for more info on what they carry. (These toys aren’t listed yet)
Check out all of our 2008 Toy Fair coverage. And be on the look out for our video podcast in a few short days!

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February 15th, 2008 by Stinkhead

We’re headed to Toy Fair up in New York City. Here all the manufacturers show off their new toys coming out this year and the buyers (Wal*Mart, Target, Toys R Us) walk around and pick out what they want to sell. We go as press and take pictures of all the toys.

Here is the link you need to see all of our photos
2008 Toy Fair

Go ahead and bookmark it if you want.

— Okay, I’m back. Got lots of great pics and news… and some video. I’m posting my photos now, but stay tuned for a video podcast in a few short days. Check out the pics!

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