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October 17th, 2009 by Stinkhead

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Tonight I had to change my son’s diaper. The men’s room at the restaurant we were at did not have a changing table, so I knocked a few times and ducked into the ladies room to use their changing table. I was very anxious someone would walk in. Luckily the only person that did come in was my Mother in law… so she stuck around and acted as look out until I was done.

So I created this sign, to print and keep handy (not sure how I’ll attach it to the door… hmmm) for the next time.
Feel free to download and print out this PDF to keep for future situations.

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June 16th, 2008 by Stinkhead

My free downloadable Children’s books have been a big hit, so here’s my latest, a coloring/activity book that teaches kids all about HD!
You can download this PDF (it’s less than 1 Mb) for free and print it out and hand it off to the kid, then they’ll be able to teach you about HD, Blu-Ray, upconversion and 1080 lines of resolution with Heidi, the HD Hippo.
Let me know what you think.
If you want, take a picture of their creations, and I’ll post them in our gallery and feature them here. For real.

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June 12th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I decided to make my own cloth crinkle book for my son, and now you can too. It looks like a newspaper, it’s got high contrast and full color images inside, and that crinkly plastic in between pages. But when the kid is holding it, it looks like they’re reading the paper. Just like Daddy
This project involves sewing and ironing, so you may take this opportunity to forward this to someone you know and say “This would make a great gift!”
Here is the Newspaper PDF you can download for free, print out backwards and iron-on to white cloth. There are some jokes in there too, so enjoy that.
Here is the Reversed Print PDF if that makes it easier.
Check out our other Free Children’s books available for download.
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November 19th, 2007 by Stinkhead

Download PDF

Here is a children’s book you can make for your little one. Take pictures of yourself doing your morning routine and print them out at 4X6″. Then download and print out my PDF of visual sound effects (like Batman, Biff! POW!), cut them out and attach each one to the appropriate picture (there’s a list on the PDF).
Have fun showing your child how you get ready in the morning, verbalizing the sound effects, or take pictures of your toddler getting ready, and make their morning routine more fun. You can then insert these pictures into a standard 4X6″ flippy photo album to “bind” it.

Check out my example… I recommend really hamming it up.
View my whole book!

View my other original Children’s books, some you can print and use yourself.

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November 15th, 2007 by Stinkhead

I made this book for my son using only playmobil. I put this in a photo album.

Keep reading for the rest!
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November 12th, 2007 by Stinkhead

My infant is just learning his colors, and he loves looking at logos. I love that he loves logos, as I am a graphic designer. Plus, logos are typically high contrast, high impact, and well thought out. More thought went into the Sun computer systems logo, than went into the design of┬áthat Baby Einsteen hedgehog or whatever he is… so here is the children’s book I made for my son. You can view it online here, OR, download and print it out to share with your child. Here is the 4.3Mb Printable PDF version.
I put these pages inside a super cheap 4X6 flippy photo album. That way they’re kind of plastic coated, but if he destroys the book, I’m only out a buck or two. I can add to and take away…etc etc.
So check out the online version, and feel free to download the PDF and use it to help your child learn his or her colors with beautiful corporate logos and brands.

Check out all the color pages

And check out all of the other free childrens books we have for download

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