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December 13th, 2007 by WVNinja

My brother-in-law was the first one to pose the question.

“Do you think he’ll have super lunar powers?”

He was referring to my son, Chase, who happened to be born during a lunar eclipse. We haven’t seen any abnormal behavior (such as flying, heat vision or the growth of extra hair during full moons) but most super heroes don’t necessarily see their powers show up immediately. And besides, we’re first time parents so we probably wouldn’t recognize super powers if we saw them.

But, the question I’ve been thinking about lately is whether or not I’ve gained any above average abilities since I became a dad. Did I gain a sixth sense or a heightened fifth sense (side note: do the senses have number associated with them? Is hearing the third sense or something like that?)? To begin my discovery I made a list of the things I felt I was well above average before Chase’s arrival.

I would say these are in no particular order, but I find that term to be stupid. Just saying. So here they are in the order they popped into my brain.

1. Peeling Oranges

2. Giving Blood

3. Driving Across the country

4. Misplacing things

5. Toothpaste removal (I tried to spiffy this one up).

On the surface it looks like a rather pathetic list, but as I contemplated it I came to the conclusion that … it’s still a rather pathetic list. Unless of course we Nebraska ends up getting invaded by aliens that are immune to everything but peeled oranges and the last 1/2 ounce of toothpaste tubes, in that case I’ll become bigger than Paul Bunyan.

So now…let’s check if I’ve gained anything in the last three plus months.

First the senses:

Sense One: Taste (isn’t this the most important sense?)

Observations: Still hate tomatoes. Still love BBQ sauce on everything. Pizza sounds good most of the time. Chewing gum still loses it’s flavor.

Status: Unchanged.

Sense Two: Taste (Wait, I covered that one already) Sense Two: Hearing

Observations: Phone conversations remain the same. I still have a hard time hearing my dad on the phone and no it’s not his reception because when he hands the phone to mom I hear her just fine. Also, I still have the ability to zone out for minutes at a time and be only slightly aware of what’s going on. I can still hear scratch radio broadcasts of sporting events.

Status: Although my hearing hasn’t changed, it is realizing it’s full potential. I can sleep through most noises (except genuine distress) at night even if the baby monitor is on my side of the bed. I know that sounds bad, but I bet any mom would like to be able to have that ability for just one night.

Sense Three: Touch

Observations: I should have received a good sized steam burn on my hand the other day in the kitchen but nothing happened.

Status: Maybe the hours of walking Chase around in an effort to put him to bed has resulted in temperature resistant hands. I’ll plunge my arm into some ice water after I’m done here.

Sense Four: Sight

Observations: Still wear glasses.

Status: Unchanged. Although my wife has commented on my ability to pick out matching outfits for Chase. But that’s kind of easy since the shirt and pants come together.

Sense Five: Drawing a blank here. What’s the fifth sense? Hockey. No, that’s the other major sport. George Harrison. No, that’s the fourth Beatle (side note: some people will argue that it’s Ringo, but everyone remembers him. I had to google the Beatles just to find out Harrison’s first name). Ummm…taste, hearing, touch, sight, …SMELL.

Observations: I have a terrible sense of smell due to allergies which… great for changing diapers.

Status: Much like hearing no change in abilities just new found outlets for good.

Possible Sixth Sense: Well, I know when my wife wants me to change a diaper, check on him at night or put him to bed. But, then again she drops not so subtle hints.

New Skills: Ding! Ding! Ding! I was at church yesterday and the pastor was asking everyone to put their hands on the table with their middle finger tucked under so that the knuckle is touching the table. He then asked everyone to try and lift their ring finger off the table while keeping the knuckle of the middle finger on the table. I was the first person he’s ever seen be able to do it.

Go me. I’ll make that number six on my list. If I can find it.  I know it was here a second ago. Oh well, until next time.


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December 6th, 2007 by Stinkhead

We recently received the Mozart Magic Cube, by Munchkin. The box says “All Ages”  so we were excited to pop it open and play with it. Actually, I was impressed with how much you could actually do with it while it was still in the package. You’re able to press all but one of the buttons (including the bottom) while you’re still in the store. So be sure to give it a test run the next time you see it at the store. Check out all it can do…
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