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December 6th, 2007 by Stinkhead

We recently received the Mozart Magic Cube, by Munchkin. The box says “All Ages”  so we were excited to pop it open and play with it. Actually, I was impressed with how much you could actually do with it while it was still in the package. You’re able to press all but one of the buttons (including the bottom) while you’re still in the store. So be sure to give it a test run the next time you see it at the store. Check out all it can do…

The basic premise behind this toy is that you (and your baby) can listen to different Mozart compositions performed by five different instruments; a piano, a harp, a french horn, a violin, and a flute. Each side has one instrument, the sixth is the Orchestra button. Tap this button to change songs (my wife’s favorite feature) and hear all of the instruments together.

The buttons are easy enough for little hands to tap. Each side is a different color, and when that instrument is activated, a light underneath pulsates to the beat. This feature will help the child pick out the instrument’s unique sound a little easier.
My infant son (attracted to the lights and sounds) was entranced by the cube. I enjoyed that it was Mozart and not nursery rhymes. I’m getting sick of nursery rhymey songs. We were playing by activating the entire cube, and then going around and “firing” different members of the orchestra. “GO HOME FRENCH HORN PLAYER” and I shut that one off. “YOU’RE THROUGH, HARPIST!” and we dropped another. My son may not be picking up the complexities now, but any toddler will be able to pick up how each different instrument sounds, and how they contribute to the composition.

Functionally, I think the design of the cube is perfect. I enjoy the game play and learning that it offers. There’s an easy to use on/off switch. It’s very easy to use. It’s got soft rubber corners, and it’s concept it easy to grasp. I like that both the little ones, and toddlers can have fun with it, and overall, it is not annoying to us grown ups.

Yes, it says it was made in China, however it is sold on, and they attest that they have tested every toy they sell, and each one is proven safe. I recommend checking out this toy in the store and playing with it a bit, but you can always pick it up online.

In the interest of full disclosure, we were provided this sample for review. But it is completely worth the $35 that it retails for.

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