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September 19th, 2007 by Stinkhead

Just a few days after we learned we were pregnant, I wanted to get a “baby raising 101” type book. However I didn’t like the look or tone of the common fatherhood books. Part of my macho side wanted a “manly” book. I eat bacon dammit. I love King Kong and 300, I drink beer, and I and I won’t give it all up for flowers and baby ducks because I’m a daddy.

So I found this book, which at the end of the day*  is a genuine baby-advice book written by a real pediatrician. However it’s also very humorous. All of the advice is written like home theater set-up directions. It’s all in the wording and diagrams, as if your baby is a little robot, and here’s the proper operating instructions. Headings like Installing a Pacifier or Programming Sleep Mode can give you an idea of the tone. The illustrations are also fresh and hilarious. I also appreciate the sleep and diaper tracking charts that are included. You can photocopy them and use them to help track that the baby is doing everything its supposed to be doing.

I read this book practically cover to cover before the little one arrived, and I carried it with me everywhere. Not only did I enjoy reading it, but people seeing me read it knew two things A) All my fishies can swim and B) I’m hip, I’m with it… I’m not going to be your sissified father who is suddenly into Raffi and windchimes.

I have to say that the humor itself also makes this a great gift for first-time dads. It’s a funny enough read, that it’s not your run of the mill first-time-father book. And one of the dumbest bits of smart ass advice I got from other fathers is “Well they don’t come with an owner’s manual!”* – well this is as close as you can get to an all inclusive, bare minimum what you need to know book for that first year.

I highly recommend this book for first-time fathers. There’s also a toddler-years version, and a gift box for this first year book that comes with extra goodies. If you pick this up through our Amazon link, you help out NTR just a little bit. Thanks!

*I hate that phrase.

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