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June 9th, 2011 by Stinkhead

Knuckle side
You’ve probably wondered where the posts were this week, well I was busy in the “garage” putting together this monster truck for my son out of the box our oven came in. Click below for more pictures, including a PDF you can print out with all the assembly directions and decals to print out and attach yourself. It’s really easy, and the end result is awesome.

Download this PDF

and print it out on cardstock.

This file has all the elements you’ll need including headlights (two different types), a grill, wheel hubs, dashboard displays, and the optional Knuckle Sandwich decal. Please feel free to name your beast as you and your kid see fit.

You will need

  • Large cardboard box. You can swing by an appliance store and probably get one for free

  • Box cutter or really sharp knife

  • Paint (spray or poster) Get at Black, Silver, and your favorite color for the body

  • Cardboard tubes (paper towel, toilet paper or wrapping paper tube)

  • Duct tape (I got lucky with matching red duct tape, that helped a lot

  • Optional:
  • Striped caution tape (not necessary, but it helps soooo much)

  • Wii steering wheel ($5)
  • The first two pages of the PDF show the basic shapes you need to cut out. Paint the wheels and the lift kit section black, and the top half any color you wish. I used a little bit of painters tape to keep that edge clean.

    Cut out the decals and attach them accordingly, I used rubber cement for a lasting bond. Printing on cardstock will work best. There are two sets of headlights so you can choose which pair to use. And for the most part, you could print this out on a b&w laser printer at work, if you want to preserve your more-expensive-than-gold inkjet printer ink.

    Paint the cardboard tubes silver, and attach them to the back of the wheels at a45° angle as hydrolics for an extra touch. (Put them in the center corners, between the lift kit and the tire)

    I haven’t really found a sturdy way to attach the plastic Wii controller steering wheel. You could always just cut a steering wheel out of plastic, but right now my son just holds the steering wheel in his hands and twists it around. I put some of that caution tape on the all white steering wheel. Caution tape makes everything cooler.

    Knuckle front
    Check out the gallery below for other angles and in-progress pics. We’re heading back to Monster Jam in July, and check out our other Monster Truck coverage for video, pics, and toys.
    I’d love to see photos of the monster truck you build!

    [flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626924145394″]

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