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July 10th, 2011 by Stinkhead

Grave Digger aims up
On Saturday we went to the Monster Jam – Havoc in the Harbor at the Baltimore Raven’s M&T Bank Stadium. This was the first Monster Jam at this stadium, and the crowd turned out. Featuring sixteen trucks, it was quite the show. Click below for more pics!

Before the event began, they held the Pit Party, free to everyone, to come and meet the drivers, get some foods, and take pictures of all of the trucks up close. There was even Megasaurus, ripping a car in half and breathing fire. I don’t know which was cooler, the 3 story robotic dinosaur, or the line-up of Baltimore Raven Cheerleaders. Oh what a dilemma to have.
We were very excited to see some of our favorite trucks in person. As you know, we collect a lot of the Hot Wheels’ Monster Trucks (and offer free wrecker cars you can print out!). One of our favorites from the DC – Verizon Center show last year was back, Iron Man. We were also excited to see the return of Grave Digger – The Legend (with the grey and blue paint job) but were more than thrilled to finally see the “real” Grave Digger in the flesh.
Dalmation flies
But now we have two new favorites, and it was tough to choose between them, especially when they raced each other in the first heat. We feel that El Toro Loco and Monster Mutt – Dalmatian stole the show. El Toro Loco had a crazy personality to match his name, and the flopping ears and tail of the Dalmatian was hilarious. Ehhh, at the end of the day, I love that dalmatian, but I had to make this time-lapse, matrix style photo of El Toro Loco climbing over the stack of cars.
El Toro Timelapse
One of the craziest stunts they pulled was launching off of one ramp and crash landing on another stack for maximum carnage. It was pretty cool. Lots of bodies were destroyed as they are want to do.
Sonuva Digger Flips out
We saw a lot of carnage too. Several tires were lost, Iron Man and Nitro Circus ended up upside down. Sonuva Digger leapt up to try and back flip and out of sheer luck, actually landed wheels down and was able to drive away, however the coolest trick of the evening was Maximum Destruction leaping straight up and twisting around. That little trick won him the freestyle competition, and he was the overall winner.
Maximum Destruction twists
We fully recommend an evening at the Monster Jam the next time it comes to your town. The pit party can get a little crowded, but it’s a lot of fun to get up close and personal with your favorite trucks and drivers for some pics. Check out for upcoming tour dates and ticket info. Check out all my pics below!
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