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February 16th, 2012 by Stinkhead

Here comes the gang
Taking a quick break from my 2012 Toy Fair coverage, we took the family to see Disney on Ice last night at the Verizon Center in Washington DC, and we had a magical time. Click below to see my review and a bunch of pics from the show.

As you may recall, we attended the Princess Wishes version of Disney on Ice the last time. So this time was a little bit more exciting for me, a father. My first reaction after the show was how much ground (ice) from the vast Disney catalog was covered, in the time we were actually there. 76 characters make an appearance at one point or another, and a plethora of favorite songs are sung and danced to.


Everything from Pinocchio to Finding Nemo and Incredibles got a spot in the show. Some films got just a song, or appearance during a medley, and others got two or three numbers. (I personally would have traded some Mulan time for more songs from Little Mermaid, but these are not words that a dude utters aloud). Most importantly it was fun, it was quick moving. I’m always impressed that these Feld managed events (Ringling Bros and Monster Jam as well) start right on time, have a good intermission, and then end when they’re supposed to. Everything feels like the perfect length. I’m left wanting more (in a good way) but also feeling quite fulfilled.

Blue Fairy

We brought my four year old and a friends’ almost two year old to get a good cross section of reactions. My son was on the edge of his seat the whole time, pointing and “Mommy look at this!” and “Daddy, look who it is!” He was also on the edge the whole time because he insisted on wearing his Buzz Lightyear backpack with the wings extended (until we could convince him to pack them up). And even though it was later in the evening, our two year old guest was awake and wide eyed the whole time. Lot’s of “wow!”s and “yay!”s when people clapped. There were some light pyrotechnics, but they were not very loud at all and few and far between. From what I could tell, nobody got scared.

I can always appreciate Hawaii'an culture

I liked the wide range of the artistic direction. Overall it had a cohesive feel, being Disney, and taking place on ice… but some portions featured full mascot costumes, other featured actors with just accessories. The important thing was everything seemed like the right decision. For the Nemo number, Dory and Marlin were represented by dancers with large flat backpack tails, with the actors’ faces visible. However Bruce the shark was a large puppet with two sets of legs coming out of the bottom. Rafiki from Lion King was a full on mascot puppet, but Simba and Nala looked like something out of the musical CATS. The music aside, I really enjoyed the It’s a Small World portion. The hula dancer (above) was fantastic, obviously, but seeing a very quick and energized rundown of different cultures and dances was pretty cool.

Buzz and Woody got along

I love the feeling I get coming out of a Feld show. Something like “Wow, that was a lot of fun, and the perfect length” I never find myself glancing at my watch wishing it was done, or thinking I got pushed out the door early. It’s always a great balance. The audience was encouraged to sing along with the characters as much as they wanted, and I found myself ready to do it all again sometime.

Please swing by Disney on Ice to get tickets, and see when they’re coming to your town, and check out our reviews of the Dare to Dream (Disney Princesses), Monster Jam, and Nuclear Cowboys events.

Check out my pics

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