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May 22nd, 2012 by Stinkhead

The line up

As excitement grows for The Dark Knight Rises, we just reviewed Mattel’s 6″ Movie Master figures. Those are detailed and priced for a collector. These 4.5″ Quick-Tek figures are perfect for little kids. My (four year old son) has learned to look for the recommended age notification on the package. “Daddy, these are for 4 and up! That’s me!” But these aren’t kid toys, they pack a punch and are just at home on your shelf. Click below for more photos.

Flight Strike Batman

The packaging in engaging from the get-go. The main play feature of these figures are the quick loading armor that pops on and off within the armor chamber. The packaging features a bubble that allows you to slide the armor on and off without opening the card so you can see how the armor and the Batman underneath will look.

Tank Blaster Batman

Each armor is a bit different. They each feature a spring-loaded arm (or two) so that it pops out at you when you eject them from the chamber. The chamber has two buttons on top. Once the figure and armor are loaded in, the buttons pop up. The shorter one will just eject the Batman figure, press the taller button and Batman will pop out with the armor on. Kids will love this. But I really liked the detail on these smaller figures, and they’re perfect for displaying at the office.

Combat Claw Batman without Combat Claw

Combat Claw Batman is my favorite figure without the armor. It’s sleek and has a great look. I like the covered face portion. While all of the figures’ armor attachments could be considered a bit silly to the purist collector, the claw if fun for pinching and grabbing bad guys.


I like that these figures have a lot of playability. Mattel always subjects their kids action figures to rigorous demands for durability. You could knock these off a deck, run over them, use them as target practice, etc, and they’ll stand up. (That’s a figure of speech, they may not stand on their own after too rough play). But they each have a sculpt that’s top notch with plenty of detail.

Bane ejected

They all feature exceptional detailing in their tooling except for Bane. He looks alright as a figure, but next to all the others, the detail is a bit lacking. Maybe it’s the lack of knees, or sleeves, but he seems a bit plain, particularly without his pop-on armor. The mask looks great, and you have to have a bad guy, so its definitely a figure to pursue.

On display

A cool little inclusion here, there is a peg on the top of the chamber so that you can use it as a base to display your Batman without him falling over. Nice! My first instinct was to clip these onto my hypothetical belt (you know, if I was six…) replicating the Bat Utility Belt with the more figures I collected, however they have no belt clip on the bottom. Was it because the figures might pop out on their own while being worn? I don’t know, but if you remove the belt-clip option, I’m glad there is the “use it as a display base” option.


These are a great option for Batman figures that the kids will play with. If your primary goal is display, then start with the

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