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October 24th, 2013 by Stinkhead


Disney on Ice: Let’s Celebrate! is currently performing at the Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. I went with the kid and his friend last night to check it out. The great thing about the Disney on Ice shows are that the’re constantly switching it up a bit. There were different music numbers and different characters from the last couple of shows I saw, but obviously all your favorites. This is a fantastic evening for your 2-8 year old, and really, it is enjoyable for the whole family. Click below for more.


The format for this particular show was celebrating different holidays and events. You have the core group of favorites (Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Pluto) introducing each segment, and often times fully immersed (in appropriate costume as well) by the end of each number. I liked how they kept it moving, cranking through characters, so you had a good chance of getting to see your favorites before too long. The Halloween segment was hosted by Jack Skellington, and he was joined by all manner of Disney baddies. Since we’re so close to Halloween in real life, this was my favorite.


I was particularly glad we got the Toy Story bunch at the end. We had just watched the Toy Story of Terror on TV earlier this week, so it was extremely relevant. The Hamm and Rex costumes were those inflatable-mascot style. They were very funny to watch. Plus there was a troll doll that freaked me out (in a good way) There was a full size adult inside, but their head was up in the hair someplace, so the proportions were all off when it moved. Uncanny valley type of thing. Gives me the creeps.


My son and I both loved the ring of fire (real fire, not theatrical fire) on the ice during the Summer Vacation celebration. It was a pretty cool visual, and didn’t seem cheesy. The last Disney on Ice we saw, they had this castle set piece that they’d twist around or transform for each act, but now they’ve upgraded to a video screen that would sometimes be a part of the story, or act as set dressing. They still did a good job with minimal props and keeping the show going. I love the way the dancers “clean up” with fluid gestures so it looks like part of the show.


Will your kids like it? Of course. There’s singing, dancing, special effects, and tons of colorful disney characters. Will you love it? You’ll have a great time if seeing your kid get excited is also exciting for you. I never found myself getting bored or anxious to leave. It started promptly on time, had a brief intermission, and kept the ball rolling the whole time. It concluded right around 8:45 and that was a perfect amount of time. I do want to prepare you and tell you that the snacks and souvenirs are incredibly overpriced, but that’s part of the Disney magic. I brought snacks and glo-sticks in my bag and those couldn’t beat the siren song of the $10 bag of cotton candy or the $15 mug of shaved ice.


We’d definitely do this again, it’s a lot of fun for the kids, and if you’re able to travel to Disney World for awhile, this really does provide some of that Disney themed escapism for a few hours. This particular show wasn’t too heavily princess themed, so boy and girls like it equally, but if you are bringing a young girl, I recommend she wear a princess dress, alllllll of the girls are wearing princess dresses. Check out for showtimes and tickets and a video preview of the show.

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