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March 21st, 2014 by Stinkhead


The circus opened up at Verizon Center last night in Washington DC, and it was a blast. This year’s edition “Built to Amaze” featured construction and paint themes and clowning around, and lots of tumbling and acrobatics. Check it out!


Last year featured dragons, and we were treated to the Shaolin monks doing feats and exhibition. This year was more about building and engineering (eh) so there was a lot of balance and form. And a lot of caution tape, hard hats and blinking lights. It was a visual thrill, and very entertaining.


I fell in love with Coneman, that’s hilarious. I mean I really love that look.


I’m particular to the big cats. Taba the lion tamer keeps everything cool as he gets the tigers to bounce around the ring and jump over each other. We also liked Elliana Grace the human canonball. She was shot out of a canon and went the length of the floor into a waiting mat. The Trampoline Tower Tumbers were impressive, they were doing tricks with a trampoline I’ve never seen before. The circus was a lot of fun for the 2-12 set, but we saw childless couples out on a date as well. Every Feld event I’ve been to (including Disney on Ice and Monster Jam) has been so well run. It starts right on time, and it ends right on time. You may not know what you’re getting when you go, but you know it’ll be awesome.


The circus is in Washington DC all this weekend, then heading up to Baltimore, and then camping out a while in Fairfax at the Patriot Center; but you can go by for schedules and tickets.

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