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July 15th, 2014 by Stinkhead

Bobby Reynolds

The Washington Kastles, owners of the longest winning streak in pro-sports history, are dominating again this summer in DC, but now indoors at the Smith Center at the GWU campus. It’s not too late to get great prices on tickets for the remaining games this week and next. Join Martina Hingis, Bobby Reynolds, Venus Williams and more for an exciting night of tennis, engaging for the whole family.

Leander high fives Martina Hingis

In years past, the Kastles had a stadium on the Wharf on DC’s waterfront, but due to construction and growth, the Kastles have moved their three week season indoors to the Smith Center on the George Washington University campus. Moving inside has it’s advantages, as DC was subjected to a huge thunderstorm right before this evening’s game.

Leander Paes

Each game consists of 5 matches. Last night was Mens’ Singles, followed by Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Women’s Singles, and closing with Men’s Doubles. In the end, the San Diego Aviators terminated the Kastle’s 18 match winning streak, but it was close the whole evening.

Bobby Reynolds

I’m not a huge sports fanatic, but I have been having fun attending Kastles games for the last four years. Between the cheerleaders (oh yes), the mascots, the crowd engagement, and the general vibe, it’s always a good time. Swing by for tickets and schedule, but before you buy, check out this LivingSocial deal for available dates. Check out my pics below.

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