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March 9th, 2015 by Stinkhead

My son, King Crashling, is absolutely obsessed. Watch what happens when I show him photos of the all new Series 2 Crashlings on display at the 2015 Toy Fair.
And click below for the gallery of all the toys Wicked Cool Toys had on display.


Obviously the big deal in our house is Crashlings. My son is the biggest fanatic. Check out the close-up pics from Series 2 in the gallery, as well as in the video.


They also showed us a whole line of playsets from the PBS safari based show Wild Kratts. This includes figures, vehicles, and playsets, as well as role-playing toys.


Everyone is talking about the 31″ inch high (!) WWE figures. They’re also making a series of rings, and smaller figures to get your WWE fix.

A huge thank you to our Wicked Cool Friends at Wicked Cool Toys for helping my son complete his collection. I had a small list of the last remaining Crashlings he needed to round out the collection, hoping to hand pick 3 or 4, but they came through and topped him off. He is still wound up and bouncing off the walls!

Stay tuned for more review from Wicked Cool Toys. Have you seen our other Crashling and Cat-Paw videos? And check out the Toy Fair gallery below.

Check out the full gallery if you don’t see the thumbnails below.

TF15 – Wicked Cool Toys

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