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February 16th, 2018 by Stinkhead


Disney on Ice returns to the Capital One Arena, and for the first time in our nation’s capital, presents Frozen. We were lucky enough to check out the spectacle on opening night. Click below for more.


The show kicked off with Mickey and Friends talking about the great love stories, and had a few cameos from Buzz Lightyear, Nemo, Pumbaa and a few others. But once Elsa, Anna, and Olaf took over, it was Frozen all over. I could sum it up as a live-action retelling of the movie, song by song. All your kids’ favorites were there from Wanna Build a Snowman, to Love is an open door!, and Fixxer-Upper. The only thing I couldn’t believe was that they didn’t do Let it Go!. You would think they’d really highlight that one. I’m kidding. They did that one like 3 times. I wanted to give one of my readers a heart attack. Even the security guys were singing and dancing to Let it Go.


I really enjoyed the production. The set had a massive pyramid shape that would open and re-arrange for scenes and transitions. There were sparks and falling snow, and various lights. It was simple and elegant, but absolutely magical. The skating and constant movement kept everything flowing.


I have to mention I love how this and other Feld productions start precisely on time, yet they know there will always be families getting settled in their seats for the first 10 minutes or so. Knowing this, they pad the opening with some fluff and introducing other Disney favorites, like Nemo, Snow White, and Ariel. I find this is a perfect way to respect the families that got to their seats on time, yet understanding of how hard it is to wrangle a bunch of kids to sit and be ready for a show.


Honestly, I think this show sells itself. If your family likes Frozen, this is like a quick trip to Disney World to get fully immersed in the magic, without having to pack any bags. Swing by to get yours. There are seats as low as $10! Right now there are shows between tonight and Monday afternoon (President’s Day).

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Disney on Ice 2018: FROZEN

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