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October 22nd, 2007 by Stinkhead

We have recently set up a online shop selling shirts and other gifts we have created. Some products will be for your kids, others will be for you, and we’ll focus on designs that could easily be shared, so you can match. Our first series is the NTR Robot Series.
Check out the first design from this series…

I am tracking down guest artists to draw robot designs that would look appropriate on your or your kids’ shirt. Our first design is from guest artist (and urban vinyl expert) KY. His first design Toast of the Town is available now in our store on a variety of sizes (kids to adult) and colors (light and dark).
We’ll be introducing more very soon. AND if you order a shirt from our store, take a picture of you (or your kid) wearing it and e-mail it in, we’ll post it in our gallery.

Toast of the Town shirt

Toast of the Town
Get this custom shirt
 at Zazzle

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