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March 27th, 2009 by Stinkhead

Here’s another new idea for your tricked out diaper bag:

At Toy Fair last month I stopped by the Basic Fun booth to check out their Yo Gabba Gabba toys (as seen in the most recent video podcast). But before I left their booth I was shown these sweet key chains, based on Fisher Price classic toys. Click below to check em all out

Not only are they cool looking replicas, but they actually function like their predecessor. When I saw these I instantly thought they’d look sweet on my diaperbag. With it dangling off of my diaper bag, it serves two purposes. It is a fun distraction for my toddler when he’s getting fussy* and its tells other dads that I am acknowledging my love of classic toys with something practical and new.

My favorite, the stacking rings come off the post, (but can’t come off the chain, so they won’t get lost). The xylophone actually works when you run the mallet over it (and it makes a plinging sound when you roll it), the popcorn pusher really pops the tiny balls as it rolls, and the Melody push chime really makes a noise as you push it along.

These will be popping up in about a month at toy stores everywhere, and places like Target. Keep an eye out, and check out Basic Fun‘s web site for more fun key chains and toys. (And check out the new image gallery below to see the pics)
* These toys are recommended for ages 5 & up… but are ok under supervision…
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