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September 14th, 2007 by admin


My name is Mr. Stinkhead. I am the editor of, an online pop-culture magazine focused on collectibles, DVDs, action figures and other cool stuff. I recently had a baby. I have a blast reviewing and photographing all this stuff, and creating original content.

So now I want to review toys for younger folks and babies, gadgets for dads (like digital photo frames), and share advice. Actually I’m a first time dad, so I need advice from you. I’ll pitch questions from me, and other first-timers, and hopefully as a community we can come up with some suggestions. First question – what’s a good CD for putting the little one asleep, no fail?

So that’s me, I’d like to get to know some about you. Please check out our message board, set up a free account and introduce yourself, or peruse our content and podcasts and see what you think.

From time to time I’ll review something on MPb and find that it’s appropriate here on NTR, so I will be posting links or embedding content that I think you’ll find interesting, here.

If you’re a manufacturer or retailer that specializes in hip baby gear, or gadgets for dads, drop me a line, and hopefully we can talk about getting some reviews started.

Thanks for checking us out. This is for dads young and old, first time or well experienced. Hopefully you’ll find something you can dig.

-Mr. Stinkhead

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  1. jager Says:

    Babies are the best toys ever!

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