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September 28th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Today I took my 13 month old son on a new adventure. We travelled down to Arlington VA to Aladdin’s Lamp, children’s book store, to attend a book signing from David Carter.
If you’ve been to the children’s section of a book store, you probably have seen some of Mr. Carter’s books, including One Red Dot and Big Bug Book. He does some amazing pop-up books with very intricate paper engineering, and always surprises even the likes of me (I go to Toy Fair every year, it is very difficult to wow me, sorry but it’s true.)┬áBut my son is a big fan of the Feely Bugs book. This is not a pop up book, but a texture book, each page has a new bug (puffy bug, crinkly bug) which is perfect for his little hands. He loves turning the pages and then spending time getting acquainted with each texture. We particularly like “sticky bugs” which is the backside of a sticker. We still have one bug “un covered” to maintain its stickyness as long as possible.

Anyway, I carry this book everywhere in my manly diaper bag to give to my son whenever he needs a little help focusing on not being fussy. So when I saw that David would be signing books and holding a pop up book workshop at Aladdin’s Lamp, we made the trek. David was very nice and signed not only my son’s well-worn copy of Feely Bugs, but also a new pop-up book I bought, Alpha Bugs (a pop up books going over the alphabet). My little guy was a little young for doing the workshop (elementary school age kids were loving it) so hopefully he’ll come back to the area in a few years.

I have to point you to Mr. Carter’s web site. Just like how I offer all kinds of DIY projects and books you can download, David has pop-up templates you can download and assemble with your children. Fantastic! Check out his official site Pop Up for lots of fun.

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  1. Linnie Says:

    I am runing some ‘Dad’s and Tots’ workshops for a community in Kent and it is great to read about you and your ‘little guy’s adventure’s. we’re making pop up and flick books tommorrow!
    You sound like a great Dad keep inspiring us!

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