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March 6th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Frustrated with the lack of options when picking out a diaper bag? Are the designer masculine bags just a little too expensive at $80? Here’s a cool, manly diaper bag you can put together with minimal effort, and about $30 in materials.

Here is a PDF of designs you can use to iron to the bag or burp cloth. I recommend dark color t-shirt transfer paper for this project.

I also referenced our original Robot and Ninja baby blankets, click here for more info on ordering one of these. Available in Boy, Girl, and neutral color schemes.

Both the manly diaper bag and robot baby blankets also make excellent gifts for new and/or expecting fathers.

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5 Responses

  1. Skyler Says:

    I’m sorry, but if you’re making one, that automatically disqualifies it as being manly. In fact, just thinking too hard about this disqualifies it as being manly.

    Appliques are definitely out. Decorating it is just gay.

  2. Man Says:

    Yeah, I agree with Skyler. The bag is more manly without the iron-ons & stuff. Seriously, a “sassy-brand plastic chain”? That totally kills it. Totally.

    But not be too harsh, the robot and ninja blankets are good idea. I suffered from way too many cute-bunny and generic sports themed stuff as a kid.

  3. Man Says:

    I take back the plastic chain comment. I had no idea it was functional (as a teething ring). Functional is definitely manly.

  4. C.B. Says:

    What, are you kidding me? Do it yourself is every man’s (Bob Vila, Shadetree Mechanic, Muscle Garage, Home Improvement ect.) battle cry.

    Every “manly-man” worth his salt will spend his Saturday changing the oil in the car because he’s a man—he’s not going to pay someone to do what he can do himself for Pete’s sake.

    Sounds to me that a little thing like DIY with some Army surplus and grommets makes you a little insecure about your masculinity. I think it says more about you than you realize. 😀

  5. my husband will love it! Says:

    I think that is a great ideal! My husband will rather carry something like that than anything that I think is cute– I love pink and my husband is a jet mechanic. The gromets are something I would have never thought of even using! You just saved my husband from carrying a pink diaper pag 🙂 and I am sure he will thank you.

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