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February 23rd, 2009 by Stinkhead

Two companies had Yo Gabba Gabba toys to gush over at this year’s Toy Fair. Up first is Basic Fun with their key chains, tub toys and squishy characters. (I’ll show you their awesome vintage Mattel toy re-issues too). Then I’ll touch on Spin Master with their interactive Yo Gabba Gabba plush in a follow-up.

Basic Fun

I need to put together a feature of great accessories to stick on your diaper bag. You’ve seen my video how-to on making your own manly diaper bag, but you need to outfit your diaper bag with accessories that both A) entertain your child on the fly and B) tell other parents that you’re hip. But you can’t over do it.

I love the little clip-on Yo Gabba Gabba figures that Basic Fun offers, you can pick between TooDee, Brobee, Muno, and Foofa. I got a Plex hanging from my bag. At around 5″, they’re soft and durable, and they come with a strong plastic clip, perfect for backpacks, overnights, or diaper bags. These are available now. They also make PVC keychains that are a bit smaller (around 3″).
For your dirty Yo Gabba Gabba fans, there are all kinds of things for the tub. The Magic Washcloths are tiny and compact (great for stocking stuffers or sneaking into their first overnight bag) but drop it in water and watch it expand to a 12″X12″ washcloth. There are some tub squirters (which you may or may not allow in your house) and foam Bath Buddies that will stick to the side of the tub when wet.
Check out our upcoming Toy Fair recap video to see some of these toys in action, including the squishy liquid filled Character heads… much like stress balls, they distort the characters’ faces in fun and silly shapes.
I went nuts over the vintage Mattel Re-issues. These are classics that you (and maybe even your folks) grew up with, newly re-issued with safety in mind. The chatty telephone looks and acts just as you remember (the eyes move as you drag it) however this being the 21st century, the cord is a little shorter so you can hang yourself with it. (What were they thinking so long ago) I personally had the Ticking clock and will get that song stuck in my head the more I write this paragraph. Do you remember the old TV set with the scrolling scene? These are great for collectors that want some nostalgia, but also something the kids can play with. I also loved the keychains. In the video, watch for demos of the “popcorn popper” actually popping as you roll it along.
Basic Fun also had some innovative ideas. My favorite was the Twister Take-A-Long. This small tube houses one Twister mat (also available with Sesame Street or Paul Frank Monkey characters). The spinner is on the cap (which stays attached to the tube via the carry strap). So you can toss this in your bag and have an impromptu Twister game wherever you go.
Stay tuned for our video for demos of most of these products, and check out our Basic Fun photo gallery. You can swing by the Basic Fun web site for more info.

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