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February 23rd, 2009 by Stinkhead

Spin Master
I just showed you the items that Basic Fun made this year for Yo Gabba Gabba, they are great for parents to entertain their kids with, but Spin Master has some cool interactive toys for the kids to spend some hours with.

You probably saw the Dance Time Brobee in stores this year. He was interactive and would sing and dance when your child squeezes different body parts. This year he is to be joined by similarly equipped Plex and Foofa. They’ll feature voices and music from the show, and tell jokes and play games with your toddler. They’re also pretty cuddly, so your little one could become quite attached. Also look for the Gab n Sing characters that will talk and sing when you squeeze them. (But not move around)

You may now be seeing DJ Lance’s Magic Dance Hat which is just now hitting stores. Your child puts the big poofy orange hat and play glasses on.  It features a game that makes more sounds as you move, a Freeze game that tells you things to do, such as run, dance, or skip, but be ready to freeze when Lance tells you too, and of course a mode that will teach you DJ Lance’s dance moves. The hat will recognize if you’re doing them correctly, however simply wearing such a hat is fun in itself. Do they make this in adult sizes? I want.

There’s also this fun Viking boat for the tub. Viking Brobee and Toodee fit inside and the boat floats. I love Brobee’s viking hat here. Awesome. And they squirt! This boat is about 7″ long.

Another cool toy featuring Plex is the Memory Matching game with discs and a mini trash can. Plex calls out clues and the child places the appropriate disc into the trash can. This is teaching both matching and recognition skills, but also cleaning up and throwing things away appropriately. Spin Master tried to match the dual nature of the show’s programming into a lot of their toys, mixing whimsey and learning at once.

Check back for our video footage, Spin Master has some other cool things up ahead, such as their play kitchen that uses water based color-change technology for lots of imaginative play, and I was really taken with their RC Zero Gravity Laser toy. It moves along any surface (including the ceiling) and follows the laser dot you point at it. I also liked the pocket-sized RC all-terrain vehicles. Cool! All this is, and the Yo Gabba Gabba toys, are coming in the video. Stay tuned! Check out our Spin Master photo gallery for more, and swing by Spin Master’s web site for more info.

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