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February 16th, 2011 by Stinkhead

Click below to read which three things we’re most excited about coming to stores from Hot Wheel. This is going to be an awesome year.

Out of every toy I saw at Toy Fair, I’m most excited about the Video Racer. It’s a 1:64 scaled Hot Wheels car with a video camera in the front. Dig through the closet and get out your old track, set up a new configuration, and then start taping a first person eye-view of racing through the course. Holy Cow. THEN you can slide the car into a holster and strap it to your helmet and go do some tricks on your bike or skateboard like a helmet cam. Then you can download the footage to your computer and share with friends. This is amazing.

I don’t think my son would get much time playing with it as I would hog it the whole time. I’ve been wanting something like this for years. Especially since I reviewed the Speed Racer Sky Jump set. (watch that video)
Anyway, I love doing video podcasts here, and I absolutely need this camera in my arsenal.

Micro Racers (playset not included)

I was very impressed with the Nitro Speeders micro racers. They told me in the demo that the kids want speed, so they amped these tiny racers UP. The car charges on the RC case and then rips through your course. You can use existing Hot Wheels track if you want, but they’re built to race anywhere smooth (not carpet). And they are fast. I have some video of them in action coming shortly.

Iron Man gets ready
You know we love the Monster Jam monster trucks around here. Just recently we filmed when Monster Jam came to Washington DC. When we were there, we saw Iron Man monster truck, among other favorites and my son and I both wished we had a Hot Wheels version of this truck in our hands. Our wishes came true! Check out the new Hot Wheels Iron Man due out this year!
Monster Jam Iron Man
Check out the gallery below for more pics from the Hot Wheels display at Toy Fair this year, and stay tuned for the video, which also demonstrates the Grave Digger Ultimate Stunt Jumper.

We had the Hot Wheels photos in our Mattel section naturally, but if you don’t want to wade through hundreds of pics to get to the Hot Wheels, this is the spot.

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