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February 17th, 2011 by Stinkhead

Top Agents display outside their booth
Earlier I popped up a link to just our photo gallery, but let me tell you some of the cool stuff coming out this year. Click below to read about our top Playmo Picks for 2011!

Clip-on Vehicles
You should be seeing these in specialty stores now. There’s a Jet, a Truck and a Speedboat, each of which fold-up and then click into a beltclip your child can wear on their belt. A fun on-the-go set. I like the Jet, I think it will easily double as an escape pod with my old playmo spaceships.

4926 Mongolian Warrior on horse
Mongolian Warrior!
There are two ways to get a Mongolian Warrior this year. Get him either as a Special in August, or go for the Easter Egg available now. The Easter Egg also has a horse! This is pretty sweet. However every time I type in Mongolian, all I can think of is Ted from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure asking the Circle K employee when did the Mongols ruled China. Between this and the sweet architecture pieces made for the Asian Animal Enclosure (as part of the Zoo line) I think Playmobil is gearing up to give us a Samurai / Ninja era theme. Bring it on.

Dinosaur Attack Advent Calendar
Count down the approaching birth baby Jesus with an authentic Dinosaur Attack! Haha, this Advent Calendar uses the popular Dinosaur Expedition pieces to make a fun advent calendar for kids. But still… I like my title better.

Mystery Figures!
Mystery Figures
Similar to a few other company’s mystery packed figure lines, playmobil is jumping on board, with their own twist. The first thing I like is that the bags are color coded boy – blue or girl-pink. That way you have a good sense of what the figure is inside. Secondly, you have to put the figure together when you open it up, I like that puzzle aspect. (But know, once you get a playmo person together, they’re not coming apart, they’re going to stay together and be perfectly acceptable for normal play)
And there are some awesome characters coming out. I particularly like Uncle Sam, the Zorro-esque figure, and the Zombie. There are some interesting females too.
4880 Robo Gang lab
Top Agents
I absolutely love the imagination that goes into the design of their themes at playmobil. This year they’re really kicking it up a notch with the interactive features in their Top Agents line. Spy-inspired sets like the car with the pop-out wings and hidden missile launcher (did I mention it floats?) are going to be awesome. There’s a super sweet hidden mountain base that is totally modern and any kid will love, but it embraces that mod 60s feel as well. There’s the Robo Lab where you can construct a playmobil android. It comes with a UV flashlight (batteries not included) that reveal secret codes on the included stickers. There are hidden compartments everywhere and many of the items can be rearranged. I really like the Robo Gang Truck. It comes with the pop out satellite, but you can attach the (sold separately) Remote Control module to turn it into an RC Truck. But don’t stop there, purchase the additional Spy Camera set and place the camera behind the wheel. Then attach the monitor to the remote control, now you can drive the truck around and see what it sees from it’s POV. Between the spy camera, the laser room alarm (comes with the mountain base) and the UV flashlight for hidden codes, playmobil is letting the kids pretend THEY are the spies, taking the play to another level.

I’m really psyched about what playmobil has to offer this year. You know we’re the source for the best playmobil reviews, photos and video, so check back often to see what we’re drooling over. There is a 2011 Toy Fair video with plenty of playmobil goodness coming shortly. In the meantime peruse all of the (174!) pics we took in the Playmobil Toy Fair booth and let us know what you’re looking forward to in 2011.
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