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May 22nd, 2008 by Stinkhead

My son is nine months old, and we just had his first major illness. Violent vomitting (not baby spit-up, this was the real deal) and explosive diarrhea. He had a slight fever so my wife took him to the doctor. They prescribed a liquid medicine to give him. Here is the time line of incompetance.
4:00 pm— Wife goes to CVS to drop of prescription… they tell her it will take 30 minutes to fill. So she says that her husband (me… c’mon, I need you to keep up here) will pick up.

6:15 pm— I arrive at CVS to simply pick up prescription. It’s not available because they had a question about the dosage, and when they called the doctor back after 5:00 pm, the offices were closed and they were waiting for the answering service to call them back.

7:00 pm— Original doctor located, question answered, insurance problem rectified (didn’t approve on the first go-round, required a phone call. I don’t know if CVS or insurance is to blame on that issue) directions given — medicine in hand.

7:15 pm— Get home to give baby medicine. I put the oral syringe into the bottle, and it comes up short by about a half an inch.

Thanks for nothing you buncha jerks!
Luckily we had wings a night or two ago, so I just licked out the ranch from one of my dipping tubs, poured the medicine in there, and then was able to suck it into the oral syringe.

Just kidding.
It was bleu cheese.

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2 Responses

  1. the wife Says:

    Actually, at 3:30 the doctor sent the prescription online to CVS and told me to pick it up in 20-30 minutes, which is why I went at 4:00. Which makes CVS look even worse (how is that possible?).

  2. marissasdad Says:

    Yeah, no kidding- this is horrible. Would it kill them to have those syringe topper things that Target does?

    Plus, they gave me a 20ml syringe for a 2ml dose. Nice job!

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