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July 16th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I strapped on the new ATC3K Action Cam from Oregon Scientific, grabbed my son and went on a massive toy run. I used to do this to look for specific action figures, but today was to expose my kid to informed shopping. Either that or seriously creating some future ADD. We were on the hunt for playmobil, an alligator puppet, and whatever else we could see. Hey, this video is like being Mr. Stinkhead for 6 and a half minutes. Fun!

I didn’t mention the store names, because I’m filming around their place, criticizing their prices (in the first one anyway) Anyway, if my little guy learned anything this past weekend it was, call ahead, shop around.
See, I’ve been working on cultivating a smart little consumer for months, check out this free Children’s book I made that you can download and print out and teach your little one all about colors.

Note if you watch this on you tube directly, be sure to watch it in high quality. The low quality of this one is terrible.

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