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October 30th, 2012 by Stinkhead


Just a few weekends ago, my wife went out of town, leaving me and my five year old son to our own devices. Since Halloween was just around the corner, we decided to do everything gross (that Mommy wouldn’t allow) that we could fit into the weekend. Though it lasted more than a day, we dubbed this Ewwwsday. Click below for a lot of pics, and what you can do with your kids for some safe, gross fun.

Most of the stuff we did during Ewwssday was food related. I picked up this book The Everything Kids’ Gross Cookbook from Amazon and we both went through and picked out meals we were willing to brave. For the most part, I was familiar with a lot of the gross treats within (Gummy worms in pudding, no-bake oatmeal cookies as barf cakes) but for $6, it was great having them all in one place, there were a ton I had never heard of, and everything is presented so that an elementary aged child could complete most of the recipes. My son doesn’t read enough for that, but he helped me every step of the way. From the cook book, we tried:

Monster brains!
(Scrambled eggs with extra cheese, milk and food coloring)

poop sandwich

Poop Sandwich
(Bananas, covered in peanutbutter, in a hotdog bun)

Monster Finger Sandwiches
(Rolled ham, with cream cheese for bone, and chips for nails)

Then that night we broke out my big box of gross slimy toys. Some of this stuff I’ve been saving for years. Such as the classic Dissect an Alien from the 80s. (I think you’ll enjoy that article). My son was pretty hesitant to play with slime at first, but once he got his hands into the innards, he was in love (there are even recipes for homemade slime in that cookbook).

brain jello

We also picked up a Jell-O brain mold from the Halloween store. Unfortunately it didn’t come with any recipes, or indication of how much Jello to fill it with. So using our best estimate, if you do 10 servings according to a box of Jell-O, you’ll be in good shape. If you’re feeling really ambitious, check out this video demo recipe for making the brain even oozier.

I opted for my own idea for breakfast the next morning. Using the Pancake Creator (picked up under $10 at my local grocery store). I drew some people and random animals and turned them into a roadkill. I used a 1:24 scale monster truck to drive in some treads. We could have gone even further and used raspberry syrup for blood n guts, but we just opted for normal maple.

ewww yuck

We had a blast with some old toys and simple recipes (presentation was a big part of the fun). As he gets older, he can help me a bit more with the recipes and gross stuff. Happy Halloween.

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