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September 10th, 2008 by Stinkhead

reviewed by Jager
click hereIf your pre-schooler is like mine, they love to help. Whether we’re doing the dishes, making dinner, putting things away, or doing anything over his eye level at the counter he wants to be in the middle of it. This usually means a kitchen chair is grabbed and drug across the floor by him so he can see what’s going on and get his hands in there. More often than not, this includes my toes being smashed by the chair or the counter is crashed into by a fast moving chair. Recently, sent us the Learning Tower from The Little Partners and it’s been great for letting my boy lend a hand safely and without stubbing my toes.

The Learning Tower has been a big help in our kitchen. The sturdy construction means that it won’t tip or break when your child is in it and the adjustable platform is nice too. As your child grows taller, you can move the level down. Now, you’re thinking, “Great, but I have to lug my 30 pound kid onto that thing.” Not true. There are steps on both sides for your child to climb right up and help make cookies… or brush their teeth.

click hereThe bad news is that the Tower comes unassembled. The good news is it’s very easy to put together. My wife and I had it fully assembled in about 20 minutes. Everything you need for construction (including tools) is included. But I should admit we used a drill with a hex bit instead of the included alan wrench. The only bad thing about the Tower is its size. It is a bit unwieldy and takes up a rather large area in our kitchen. But I understand the need for stability so the size is needed.

Overall, The Little Partner’s Learning Tower is a great addition to our house and lets our son help with dinner with little worry of him hurting himself by falling. If you have a big enough kitchen and love to let your child help out this is definitely the way to go.
AmazingChildhood has these in stock and as an added bonus, 10% of your purchase goes to children’s charities. That’s awesome! Check out their site for other wood finishes you can get, including a playhouse add-on for this tower.

Check out this video we made of the Learning Tower in action.

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2 Responses

  1. marissasdad Says:

    oo, scaffolding for kids. Neat.

  2. alicia Says:

    Oh my gahhhd i love the “hey baby…Arrrrgh!!” I wish I live by you guys when I have babies…good times

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