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February 24th, 2014 by Stinkhead


Spin Master, maker of Spy Gear and Air Hogs, as well as the master licensor of How to Train Your Dragon 2 enticed us with a great display this year. Surprises were around every corner, and I loved their booth. Check out my take, below.


Spin Master was one of many companies that had Kinetic Sand this year. The main stand out they have is the variety of colors and the interactive packaging. The bubbles have been packed just so, to allow the sand to tumble and tease their play value. The thing about Kinetic sand is that you have to touch it to see why its so freaking awesome. We have about a pound and a half and it’s a huge hit.


Check out my upcoming video, this improvement on Silly String is easier to clean up and a lot more fun to shoot.


Tech Deck finger boards were somewhat of a lark at the beginning, but they never truly waned in popularity, so they’re still coming out with new stuff. Licensing the likes of Star Wars and the Simpsons as well as pro skaters. There’s also a line of folding scooters coming out. Wicked!


We love Air Hogs, but this set proves that they love us. By putting the helicopter inside a soft plastic cage, a young child can accidentally launch the copter straight at the ceiling, and it won’t break (or chip your paint). But not only does the bubble protect the copter, it allows for cool tricks you couldn’t do prior. Roll the copter along the floor, to the corner, then straight up the wall and then along the ceiling. Have it roll around a table and then drive straight off the cliff without falling. This’ll be fun for adults and kids side by side. The Rollercopter will be around $45 in the Fall.


The main draw to Spin Master for me this year was Spy Gear. I don’t know if you saw my Master Spy Hunt Video, but my son and I are allllll about secret agents right now, so I had to do some recon on Spy Gear. You saw the real, working night vision goggles at the top, but check out this thumb print scanner room alarm. There’s also a dart trap, a covert video recorder, and a spy mirror on a wand for spying around corners. Awesome.


Of course we’re excited about the sequel to How to Train Your Dragon, and Spin Master has the toys to back it up. A whole assortment of sizes and play features will be coming out. Everything from small, pocket-sized figures to larger scale, action-packed toys. There’s also going to be some role playing items from the movie as well. Can’t wait for later this year!


I saw these at Toys R Us just before Toy Fair, and had to get more info. Low and behold I already had an appointment with them! Introducing Tenkai Knights. You start with a construction brick, compatible with other popular building brick systems. However it’s no ordinary brick, this one transforms into a mini figure, and you can snap on more armor and weapons. This brick turns into a working, spring-loaded missile launcher! I love the combination of Legos and Transformers into a completely new toy.

Swing by for more details, and check out my gallery below for tons more images. There is a Toy Fair recap video coming shortly, so stay tuned for that too.

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