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February 26th, 2014 by Stinkhead

Toy Fair Traveller

In an effort to engage you all while I’m taking hundreds of photos on my DSLR and uploading them later, I decided to try Instagraming my trip along the way. You can always follow me on Instagram. Click below to see the journey.

Toy Fair Traveller

I began my mission on a Bolt Bus from DC to NYC, we narrowly avoided the snow.

Toy Fair Traveller

Had to stop by Grand Central Station and get a shot of the clock they borrowed from Saturday Night Live.

Toy Fair Traveller

Brooklyn Bridge.

Toy Fair Traveller

Ghostbusters Firehouse; you will be missed, Harold Ramis.

Toy Fair Traveller

Had to stop by the Times Square Toys ‘R Us and visit Playmobil land!

Toy Fair Traveller

The visit to Top of the Rock was kind of a bust due to the weather. Sunday was gorgeous, but I was there on Saturday.

Toy Fair Traveller

Swung by the Lego Store at 30 Rock, and picked up a super famous Lego mini-fig. Did you know he was famous for being in the LEGO Movie? ZOMG!!

Toy Fair Traveller

My tour of the LEGO booth. I thought since he was dressed for HOTH, it would be appropriate.

Toy Fair Traveller

But then I found the new LEGO Artic Exploration set! Not as good as the Playmobil arctic set with the Inuit mom with a papoose, but they’re trying to keep up.

Toy Fair Traveller

The mother land! I reached the Playmobil Toy Fair Booth and it was glorious. My favorite stop of the whole show. These Samurai dragon castles look fantastic.

Toy Fair Traveller

After a long day at Toy Fair, we went to Dinosaur BBQ, and tried the Wango Tango sauce. That’ll clean out your sinuses.

Toy Fair Traveller

My favorite place to grab a quick bite is Schnippers near Times Square.

Toy Fair Traveller

Rats, not enough time to go into B&H Photo, the premiere camera shop in NYC. Maybe next time.


Here are a few shots that I took, but never put in my Instagram feed.

Times Square Toys R Us T Rex

I couldn’t resist posing by the infamous T Rex!

Taking a dip in the LEGO store

Taking a “dip” in the LEGO store.


I’m one of the backers of this Kickstarter project Modarri Cars by Thoughtful toys. Check it out! I’m really looking forward to that car, however…


This is what I dream of!

Anyway, you can check out my actual 2014 Toy Fair coverage here.

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