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October 9th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Here are all of the pics of the Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop in our gallery.We recently got to try out the Play-Doh Ice Cream Shop. Appropriate for any age kids that enjoy Play-Doh (however the point is to produce fake looking food, so if you have children who still put things in their mouth you may want to wait a bit on this set), Here is a new “twist” (I can’t believe I pulled out the cheesy puns so early). The centerpiece of the play set is the lever based dispensor that squirts the Play-doh into a rotating cone or dish. Between the nozzles (there are several shapes) and the spinning, you get something that looks a lot like soft serve ice cream. Click below to read the rest of my review, and listen to my discussion of this and the Halloween sets on Magic 106.5
Something else new is the “sprinkle” play-doh. This play-doh is mainly white with small “sprinkle” pieces throughout. Mash some compound into the crank dispensor and push out some sprinkles onto your ice cream sundae. Ok, it’s more of a play-doh explosion when it comes out, where only about 1 out of every 10 cluster lands on the sundae, but it’s something the kids will find funny. I did.

The entire surface of the ice cream maker has little molds of various topping and treats that you can easily create. Cookies, a pretzel, candies, etc. It’s a great use of the space available. I love this gummi bear. There are all kinds of shapes you can mush and then stick to your ice cream.

I liked all the different creativity options you have with this set, it seems like it would take an eternity to try out every single topping and color combination. There are plenty of options for your budding ice cream shop chef.

There are two things I remember from my Play-doh days growing up that I wish this set had. I miss the little plastic knife, for trimming the excess play-doh off of molded shapes (it would also be helpful for the dispensor as well) and I thought this would be a great opportunity for a plastic play mat, one that looked like a menu or a tray liner. Ooh, on that thought, include a paper hat that the child can wear!

Anyway, for $15, this is a fun play-doh set. It’s refreshing to get a fun toy that’s not a licensed character (like Dora or SpongeBob)
or advocating violence. There are several dishes and cones so multiple kids can make several creations at once. You can pick up this set at any toy store, or online at

Talking about Play-Doh, we’re coming up on Halloween. Some parents (including us) who are trying to promote healthy decisions, are deciding to distribute miniature cannisters of play-doh on Halloween night. They sell them in 25 packs for $5 at Target (and other denominations and colors at many other places, including CVS and Toys R Us. There are also fun shape two-packs (for $2) this ghost and pumpkin have some compound inside, and a fun Halloweeny shape you can stamp into the mold.

Here is my discussion with Jack Logar:

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