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October 14th, 2008 by Stinkhead

UPDATE October 17: Your best option: has him in stock ($60) 

  • Toys R Us ($67 and includes extra batteries) is in stock
  • ($70) is currently sold out.
  • ($60) is currently sold out online.
  • Do NOT spend more than $60 on eBay. There are 2300 auctions going on now. Call your local store before heading out.

The all new ELMO LIVE hits stores this week. As I’m sure you’re familiar, Tickle Me Elmo caused many a mall riot back in 1996. After being featured on Rosie O’Donnel’s talk show, he became the it toy to have that holiday season. In 2006 the TMX Elmo hit stores, and though there was some madness online, supply seemed to match demand, and everyone who wanted one got him. (That’s the point right?) He was $40 when he came out 2 years ago. Yesterday he was for sale for $15.
So this week is the newest release, Elmo Live. If you haven’t seen him in person yet, he really is worth checking out (he’s in open packaging) I also have some video below. I went to Toys R Us earlier this week to get a bead on how bad the madness would be Tuesday. According to the employee I spoke with, they had 20 preorders, but they had 100 Elmos in stock. Please check out my red box updates at the top of this post.

So I want to hear from you, please leave comments below. Have you picked up an Elmo Live? Were there plenty available? Did you have to go to more than one store? Did you buy online? And had you even heard of this Elmo? I knew of him because of Toy Fair, but honestly, I’ve run into many other parents who had no idea he was coming out today, much less that there was a newer Elmo than TMX.
Click below for a little bit more info, and my video from Toy Fair to see Elmo in action.

I have to admit, this Elmo is pretty amazing. He actually looks like a real puppet talking. Once the brains at Fisher*Price got the animatronics down, they loaded Elmo up with hours of games, stories and songs.
If you see the technology put into it, $60 isn’t sooo outlandish– expensive– but not ridiculous. In fact, if you compare him to the other hot tech toys this season, (SPIKE the Imaginext Dino is $130, Biscuit the Fun Loving Pup is $180, and Kota the baby dinosaur is $300) he’s on the cheap end.

I’ve been on eBay, there are 2300 auctions warning you that Elmo is sold out everywhere. Not true. Please do not pay more than $60 for Elmo online. There are plenty to go around.

Listen to me talk about Elmo mania to Jack Logar on Magic 106.5Here is my video from Toy Fair. Elmo is at the very end.

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  1. Elmo Live Says:

    Fisher price Elmo live is a toy that flies off the shelves the moment a new model is introduced into the market. Elmo is the life like representation of the Sesame Street character. It is a popular dancing, singing educational toy!!!!

  2. Elmo Live Says:

    I know Wal-Mart is already sold out, but Amazon is still accepting Elmo orders.

  3. Bakugan Brawlers Says:

    Nice post. I’ll be coming back to your site again.

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