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September 24th, 2009 by Stinkhead

hiro4Learning Curve sent us some new Thomas the Tank Engine Wooden railway engines to check out. See my pics and thoughts. There is a new Thomas DVD out, Hero of the Rails, and both of these vehicles feature in that film.
Check out (Lost and Found) Hiro and Kevin the crane truck.

hiro3Hiro is a large engine, he hast two trucks underneath. In the movie, Hiro was a heroic Japanese engine that came to Sodor many years ago, he was forgotten about and years later, Thomas found him. This toy engine is covered in branches (I’m digging the detail!) and Hiro has a sad face. He also has a detachable coal car. This Hiro is a Toys R Us, and exclusive. He’s available now. There is also the typical Hiro, who doesn’t have bushes and a smiley face, and Patchwork Hiro, who is lots of colors, patched together from pieces of other engines.
kevin04For the roadways, there is the new crane truck Kevin. He has an arm on a see-saw joint that moves up and down, at the end is a magnet, and a magnet SODOR crate. Kevin is a new friend at the Sodor Steamworks. I like his jolly face, and my two year old son likes pushing the crane up and down.
kevin07These are available now, along with the all new Hero of the Rails DVD. Ooh, there’s also a talking Thomas engine that says a handful of phrases when you push down on his smoke funnel. Look for more Thomas the Tank Engine reviews and podcasts from us during the upcoming holiday shopping season.
Here’s our video review of the Talking Railway Great Discovery playset.
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