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March 20th, 2008 by Stinkhead

I can’t stop playing with my new Rokenbok set. After watching my video, you can read my review and check out a gallery of photos

I was familiar with the Rokenbok system, as I am an avid playmobil collector, we were bound to cross paths. I like RC vehicles, but I wasn’t ready to make the financial commitment into a Rokenbok set. They’re fun to play with in the store, but for $130 for a starter kit, would I (or my potential kid) still be entertained? I understand with the RC vehicles and the sophisticate electronic components, but it’s gotta get a lot of mileage to be worth my money. Right now, I can say it is.

I am not a LEGO maniac. I love popping together playmobil sets, but there is one right way (for the most part) to put them together, then they stay together. Yet I was able to quickly set up these sets, following the directions (quite a bit easier than moderate LEGO sets in my opinion) Check out the time lapse in the video above. The elevator set (first build) took about 25 minutes (and it was my first exposure to the pieces), the Conveyor Company set took just around 45 minutes. It’s true. I could leave it set up and have a bit of fun, but the unlimited customability really got my creative juices flowing. As soon as I shot this video demonstrating the recommended set up, I started tinkering. Making chutes dump into new places, and there is one piece (that I have 2 of) that has a see-saw axis, so balls dumped from above can randomly go one way or the next, so I started figuring out way to maximize different outcomes. At this point I’m looking online to get additional chutes and gurters so I can build bigger.

I am a fan of Radio Control vehicles. Here are some of my RC reviews. The control on the Rokenbok trucks are great. It’s extremely helpful having the “Slow” button on the controller that lets you get a little tighter with your manuverability. You not only control forward/reverse and which direction, but also how the vehicles’ functions operate. One of them has a bulldozer type front that lifts into a dumping cargo area, the other vehicle has a tipping basket that can be used to lift and scoop. There are all kinds of different vehicles available. I’m really trying hard to locate the Super Sweeper that sucks up balls as it runs over them! There’s also a cool forklift where you can adjust the grasp of the arms. Look for a whole variety of vehicles, including a monorail.

As far as actually playing with the set, I had a blast. Several other adults (who are not necessarily parents) had fun grabbing a remote and shovelling balls with me too. Your child (6&up) will love moving the balls from location to location and watching them race through the chutes. As they get older they’ll get more into engineering the layout to do different things. I’m currently working on utilizing the “random” divider (that has a see-saw type axis that randomly drops balls to one side or the other) to make a “timer” that I have to race in order to grab a chute worth of balls before it over flows. I am looking to purchase the add-on kits that have extra chutes and gurters. But have you seen the Tower of ROK Mania (video)? SWEET.

Ok, so this set is near perfect, but what are the cons? Well I’ll be honest, the cost is the biggest drawback. You can’t just purchase a $15 set and really have any fun, you’ll need to make the investment in a Starter set that has a vehicle and RC hub, and those start at over $100. And if this is a pro or con, I don’t know, but once you get a set, you’ll be hard pressed NOT to buy any add-on sets or additional vehicles. (And if you have a house with a little one who puts everything in their mouth, this will have to be confined to another floor)

I can easily say that a Rokenbok system will be the dominator in any playroom. I am a playmobil fan through and through, but Rokenbok pulled off the impossible and got a permanent spot in my basement. Just ask the Xevoz that are in storage right now. I’ll have to be really careful once my son starts crawling, but I can’t wait until he’s able to play this with me. There is a set called Rokenbok JR that has easier controls and smaller system for those 4 and up, I love how the RC controller looks like an RC detonator from a construction zone.

I think the biggest thing going for this toy, as a parent, is that it’s non-violent, its unique, and it encourages creativity and hand eye coordination, with out the use of video games. Sometimes you gotta ante up a bit more for quality goods, and I say it’s worth it. Think how much one video game costs.

You can pick up the Power ROK lift and the Conveyor Company Starter Kit from or your local toy store.
Visit for more plans and additional parts.

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