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September 19th, 2007 by Stinkhead

click for largerEver since we knew we were expecting, I’ve been buying and hoarding toys… toys he won’t be able to play with for years. He has some stuffed animals, but seriously, it feels like forever until we’ll have toys we can play together. The hardest wait will be the 4 years until he can handle my playmobil collection. Then I found the fun for everyone
O ball.

Joy of joys… the recommended age begins with zero. Every toy I have bought for him says 3 mos or 6 mos, or Ages 4 & up… so this is a major milestone. I bought him a toy he can actually play with, with me. Ok, he’s only 5 weeks old, so we’re a little limited in what he can do right now, but he can play with it without me worrying about choking. It’s dishwasher safe, and I’ll be damned if you can break anything by throwing this at it… it’s too soft and you just can’t get any destructive force from it…. so it’s safe. And the rings provide tons of places for him to grab, to work on that grip of his.
The other important part is that it’s actually fun to play with, yourself. I’ve been squishing it and tossing it, so it’s not soley a baby toy.
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  1. QSMama / Lea Says:

    Yes, this toy is great! The squishiness was one of the best features–you could pack it and take it on the road easily, unlike other balls.

    We played with this one for nearly three years–well worth the three bucks I think I paid for it in a consignment store.

    – L

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