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June 14th, 2010 by Stinkhead


June 12th, 2010 – Baltimore They Might Be Giants played a show of just their hip and enjoyable kids music at Ram’s Head Live in Baltimore this past weekend. We packed the kid and some friends (and their kids) and took off to see the show. Check out my review and pics

img_0097I’ve been a fan of TMBG since high school (Ana Ng is my favorite) I even got the chance to interview John L when they played my college campus many years ago, but this was my first time seeing them do their kids stuff live, and my kid’s first rock concert. We wanted to take him to something he’d obviously enjoy, but we also wanted something we could tolerate. You don’t know what kind of blessing it is to have one of your favorite bands do kids music until you try to figure out how to slit your wrists with a KidzBop album.
We had some hesitations to taking him to a concert at this age because it was right in the middle of his typical nap time, and we had no idea how he’d react to the crowd and the noise.

img_0108Shortly after buying the tickets, I grabbed some of their CD/DVD combos (Here Come the ABCs and Here Come the 123’s) so we’d be well-versed in their catalog. I’m glad we did, because it was obvious that my (almost three year old) son really enjoyed himself when he recognized the songs. (We have Here Comes Science, but have not listened it to as frequently to sing along to all the songs they performed).

img_0060The show was a blast. Our son loved all the lighting effects, seeing his favorite songs performed, and we think he got a thrill out of the whole crowd going nuts singing some of his favorite songs. The real highlight for him was the confetti cannon that went off several times during the show. He loved picking up the stray confetti and throwing it. He also like showing off his custom “No, no, I never go to work” t-shirt that mimics that video. Never Go To Work is one of our favorites that we sing frequently while in the car (heading to work no less).

For my wife and I, it was great returning to the rock concert environment after we’ve been absent from for so long since becoming parents, but in the same event we loved sharing that thrill of live music with our little guy. We loved seeing him enjoy himself, and we’re ready to take him to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live in the fall.

img_0114If you’re taking your child to their first concert this summer, let me offer some advice. Our friends had baby-sized earphones to protect their infant’s hearing. He was so content he took a nap in the middle of the show. Our son flipped out a little when the music first started because everyone was screaming and jumping and we were down in the thick of it (no seats, just standing room/mosh pit style) My wife took him to the back for a little while and he was happy to come back a song or two later on his own terms.

img_0141I really like that TMBG started really close to the posted times (we’ve been stuck telling our toddler that the show is “about to start” for more than hour, more than once and it’s awful, so this was really appreciated) and it went about an hour and a half, which seemed perfect. The almost five year old in our group was having a great time with every song, whether he knew it or not.

img_0057The venue was just right for this kind of show. Ram’s Head Live is right near the Inner Harbor, so we walked around a bit before the show. There was standing room in front of the stage, so we felt up close and personal with the band. There were several levels of balconies so that you could pick your perfect vantage point. I also appreciated that their bar was in full service during the show. In the future, I think we would love if there were carpeted risers or something, but we did just fine jumping and dancing the entire show.

One last thing that I really want to bring up, the band had merchandise for sale of course, but I really, really appreciate that they weren’t pressuring us to buy anything at all. It’s hard to dissuade impulse buying with a toddler in a pressurized environment. They gave out foam fingers to all of the kids as they walked in, and handed out free bumper stickers on the way out. That was really classy. We appreciate that, thanks. (And we dig buying stuff, we’re glad there was stuff on hand, but not once did we feel we had to buy-buy-buy)

From what I remember, they played (and not in this order):

img_0065Here Come the 123s

Hot Dog (great opener, really set the tone)
No, No I Never Go To Work
Seven (We want cake, Where’s our cake?!)
Pirate Girls Nine (The pirate medley was fun)
High Five
813 Mile Car Trip

Here Comes Science
I’m a Paleontologist
What is a Meteor
The Elements
Electric Car
Why Does the Sun Shine

Their encore was The Alphabet of Nations from Here Come the ABCs, but we didn’t hear any other favorites from that album such as QU or E Eats Everything. And they delighted their older fans with Instanbul (Not Constantinople) and Particle Man. We also need to get the NO album as there were a few songs from that interactive album as well.

If you’re only vaguely familiar with They Might Be Giants, or even less familiar with their kids stuff, check em out (click on the album titles above). It’s very quirky and fun (I’m sure I’m not the first to describe them that way) without being dumb and repetitive. I appreciate that the tunes are very catchy, and I don’t want to poke my ears with a fondue fork after giving them a spin. [nggallery id=11]

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