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April 8th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Our fellow MPb writer Jager has a son in preschool who loves the new Easy Dunk Basketball hoop from Playskool, so here’s his test drive.

One of the instant benefits of this set is that it hangs securely right onto a doorknob, so there’s nothing to install, nothing to screw or glue to your walls. Infact it is so easy to put into place, his 2 and a half year old can hang it up and take it down all by himself. There’s an added dose of “kid power” in their role of setting it up and putting it away.

It’s easy “installation” and size also make it very portable, so it can tag along to Grandma’s house, or the office.

Placing it at doorknob height is perfect for the 4 years old and under set, and it will latch on to several types of doorknobs. The height lends itself to many slam dunks, so the hoop is hinged as not to snap off and break.

The backboard, hoop, and Nerf-ish foam ball are all sturdy and wellmade, and the short net keeps it pretty safe for little fingers. Which is more than can be said for the upcoming Playskool Slam Dunk Paper Shredder coming out in 09.

The Easy Dunk Basketball hoop is available on

Check out our Easy Dunk gallery for more photos.

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One Response

  1. jager Says:

    That is one cute kid!!! Seriously though, he loves it.

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