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May 15th, 2008 by Stinkhead

Yesterday, it was just me and the little dude driving around. His mom called and he likes when I put it on speaker phone so he can hear her talking. I was driving, he was in the back seat, so I handed over the phone. He’s nine months old, so he was munching on every possible angle while mommy talked to him. Anyway, as I’m driving, I look back and he’s pressing all kinds of buttons and I see a padlock icon… so I grab the phone before he can save some type of password, but it’s too late, the phone goes black and I can’t turn it back on.

Listen to my tale (as told on Magic 106.5) and see what I did….

Yes, that is a big burn mark on the chip

All this time I thought he had locked it up with a password, but it was actually the infiltration of baby drool between the battery and the contacts on the phone that prevented it from turning on. So the nice guy at the AT&T store gave me a loaner to put the above chip in, so I’d have something to last me a few days. (This was the second store I went to, the first one was no help)
Then he recommended that I put the phone in a ziplock bag full of rice to draw out the moisture. I heard this worked on a Blackberry, so I gave it a try. And it worked! After about 12 hours, it was back to functioning speed. Or so I thought. The microphone was gone… no one could hear me. My contract is up for renewal in two months WHEN THE NEW IPHONE COMES OUT, but they said they’d bump my contract to end today, so I can get the good prices on the new phones. ARGH. Thanks, but I really wish I could have waited and gotten the iPhone.

Also on today’s radio bit, we discussed the Flux Capacitor (Back to the Future video) I put up earlier this week. So be sure to check that out if you haven’t.

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